Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind


Biography / Documentary / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71% · 17 reviews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by docpage-1 2 / 10

Really a Disappointment....

SO looking forward to this doc, and it's such a disappointment; Granted, some great concert footage, and unlike a lot of other docs, we get to see complete or nearly complete performances of the "Killer" in action. The problem is, it just turns out to be superficail and ultimately dull. I'm halfway through, and find myself going, "". JLL, to my mind, is a very interesting character. Not only one of THE architects of Rock and Roll, but certainly one of its most dynamic performers ever, and obviously a huge influence on all who followed. So where's the story of that? All we get is concert footage and clips of him telling people that he had a lot of self confidence. But I think there's a deeper story here. They barely touch on his private life, his marriages, and in one scene we hear he "shot his bass player in the chest.". Excuse me? THAT'S not worth a follow up question? Just really surprised and disappointed that the film-which, BTW was directed by Ethan Coen, and produced by Mick Jagger-just ends up being superficial, and light weight. I learned way more from his Wikipedia page, and found IT much more interesting.....

Reviewed by NeutrinoKid 10 / 10

Hellfire and Salvation

Ethan Coen released this instant classic and the essential Jerry Lee Lewis documentary not long after the great rock and roll icon was called to glory (or not!). Coen makes wonderful and extensive use of key interviews and archival performances, letting the legend unfold visually and in time with the outstanding music, thus forgoing over-explanation and distracting asides. The power of the music speaks for itself, and no one before or since has ever been able to so thoroughly master early rock and roll, country, gospel, and blues. A fitting tribute to one of the giants of American music who at long last was admitted to the Country Music Hall of Fame too.

Reviewed by / 10

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