Jeff Dunham - I'm with Cupid


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Jeff Dunham as Self
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Reviewed by jimwt66 8 / 10

If you like Dunham you will love this one

First, the one thing I have a critique about...I wish all of his shows where over an hour...45 minutes is just too short...I cannot imagine spending the major bucks to see him and it is only 45 minutes. Takes longer to get there and into your seat then the show. BUT...I still love the special.

And either Jeff has finally gotten tired of the democrats, he's decided that they are the comedy gold that the late night show is missing out on, or he's just decided which side spends the money and goes to his shows because more and more of his shows are at least putting a 5 minutes spot making fun of them. I love how he is embracing Walter looking like Biden. And he really does a lot of times. When Biden goes that squinted face he looks just like Walter...Though Walter is smarter...

I loved when he brought Walter out dressed as cupid and then put ray bans on him and said look...I am Biden in ray bans and a diaper...

The rest of the show is just as funny. But if it were longer he could do more of this funny stories or spend 5 minutes each longer with the puppets...

I will binge watch a couple of his specials at a time when I see a new one come out...I wonder...Did Dunham get some pushback about the Achmed puppet even if it was from a few stupid people being silly? Or is it part of the act? I like it better when he comes out as Achmed and the "I keel you"

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