2023 [HINDI]

Action / Crime / Drama / Musical / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89% · 36 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 7.0/10 10 96025 96K


Top cast

Deepika Padukone as Aishwarya Rathore
Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram Rathore / Azad
Nayanthara as Narmada
Fahim Fazli as Moner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alifarazpbh 8 / 10

An Action-Packed Thriller with a Social Conscience

"Jawan" is a dynamic action film that manages to pack a punch while also delving into profound emotional and social issues. The movie maintains a relentless pace, weaving its narrative with impactful action sequences that are heightened by the presence of genuine emotion.

**Balancing Action and Emotion (8/10):** "Jawan" finds the delicate equilibrium between high-octane action and heartfelt emotion. This unique blend not only entertains but also gives depth to the action sequences, making them more resonant with the audience. It's evident that the filmmakers aimed to create an action film with a heart, and they succeeded in doing so.

**Addressing Social and Political Issues (9/10):** The film takes a bold step by addressing pressing social and political concerns. What's notable is its impartial approach; "Jawan" isn't politically biased but instead scrutinizes the systemic flaws ingrained in our society. This choice ensures that its message remains universally relevant.

**Pacing and Emotional Depth (7/10):** While the movie's fast tempo adds to its excitement, it occasionally hampers the emotional depth of certain scenes. Slowing down at times could have allowed for more profound exploration of the characters' feelings and experiences. Nonetheless, the film manages to forge a connection between the audience and its characters.

**Cinematic Brilliance (9/10):** Visually, "Jawan" is a work of art. The cinematography is nothing short of exceptional, immersing viewers in a visually captivating world. The film's stunning visuals contribute significantly to its overall allure, making it a cinematic treat.

**Music and Score (8/10):** While the movie's songs may not be its strongest suit, the background music is stellar. It enhances crucial scenes, adding depth and intensity to the storytelling. The score elevates the overall quality of the film.

**Outstanding Performances (9/10):** Shahrukh Khan delivers a remarkable performance that steals the show. His portrayal is compelling and authentic, adding layers to his character. Vijay Sethupathi's presence is a welcome addition to the ensemble cast, contributing to the film's overall excellence.

**Conclusion (8/10):** "Jawan" is an action-packed thriller that doesn't forget to carry a social conscience. It successfully navigates the terrain of action and emotion, offering audiences a unique cinematic experience. While pacing issues may hinder emotional connections at times, the film's cinematic brilliance, strong performances, and impactful background score make it a must-watch. "Jawan" not only entertains but also provokes thought on the systemic issues it confronts, making it a compelling addition to the action genre.

Reviewed by akshatmahajan 9 / 10

Full on entertainment

The movie was entertaining with blend of a lot of drama, little comedy, some thrill, some suspense and a lot of action. The story was good with a good message in it, the screenplay was uneven but doesn't damages the story, the direction was good and the performances were also good. The BGM and the action scenes were great, you will love them. Also, the message the movie wanted to show was good and effective.

Some scenes were rushed and some things remained unexplained but the story is shown in such a grand way that these things will not bother you that much.

Overall, you should definitely give this movie a try.

Reviewed by MehdiRizvi-7867 10 / 10

Jawan Is The Best Movie Of All Time Must Watch In Theatres For Amazing Experience

Jawan is one of the best movie of King Khan for me. It must be the biggest hit of Atlee.

Character - Most of the character picked up by Family man web series. Including Priyamani, Mehek, Vijay Sethupathi (Farzi) and Muthu (A Tehsildar),

Sunil Grover - As per my understanding one of the biggest role that he has received in his career As Irani. What a look, the beard, dressing, shoes, dialogue delivery, action done by Sunil Bhai is outstanding. I love him so much.

Priyamani - Priyamani was again done amazing Dance with Shahrukh Khan. First was there in Chennai Express (1234). She must be fortunate by sharing a screen with King Khan. Her physic, voice, dance, and this time totally in action mode with rifle. It was a mind-blowing performance.

Vijay Sethupathi - When I was watching his performance, I went to few 90's film and i remember the dashing role of my favourite Danny Denzongpa. The dialogue delivery, action, looks, expressions, timing was speechless and specially his South Hindi accent was Fabulous. Big fan.

Sanya Malhotra - She was excellent performer in Jawan. Starting from her first scene in the metro. She has done amazing role as doctor and a team player of Vikram Rathore Team. She has also shown multiple types of action. I guess first time action and come out of comedy role, romantic movies etc.

Music - Obviously, the Music director is from Chennai (South). Hence it is expected that whole movie will have south Indian music tadka. Which was ultimate. Loved it. Even the background score is also out of box. The intro music for Kali is Outstanding. No doubt, the intro music for Vikram and Azad as well great.

Dance - Very simple simple steps was added in all songs. Which was awesome. Always shot on Joseph Vijay's songs. Loved it.

Songs - Awesome song writing. Even as usual so many background dancers have seen, especially in the Zinda banda song.

Direction and writing - No doubt. It is fabulous. Even the screenplay was also great and commendable. The farmer scene very well written. The duplicate rifle scene could have been better. Imagine the scene where sealing of the company done by common people. The ungli scene and the message that Vikram Rathore has given all of us as a Common people. Very well written and shoot. The health dept scene was amazing.

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