J Revolusi

2017 [MALAY]

Action / Adventure / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9/10 10 219 219

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by panjisemarang 6 / 10

not that so good

But worth a try. They can come back with a better one. I think Paskal came in better. Well trained, well performed. But zul ariffin quite good in acting. When it come to a fighting scene, please dont play with the lens with all that shaking shaking move just made it lousy and unnecessary. Fight like a pro and let the lens record it the way it should be. People already mature watching all internationally-made film & they are good at criticms. It s along way for malaysian movie but it s need to be done. Adios for all the film crews for your try. Wish the best out of you guys. Make more powerful movie okay.

Reviewed by fluffset 6 / 10

decent action, weak motive

Its a decent action movie, below par from Paskal but its good and better than a lot of old malaysian action movie. I guess this 21st century malaysian cinema is just like 20th century hollywood cinema, we are late one century to improve our level of film industry (in action genre).

Next thing, the motivation of Dian's character to betray her family is so... meh. She knows her family for years and because of persuasion of some so-called smooth talking villain that is not really persuasive to me, she become a traitor. Bad character development. She needs a stronger reason, we dont care about her character at all. Decent movie.

Reviewed by moviewiz-4 9 / 10

Good action film.

Well done for asian action movie especially for Malaysia country.

Pros: Good story and action.

The kid is good in acting.

Cons: Shouldn't have kids as hostage.

Camera is moving too fast.

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