Island of the Dolls 2


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

More rubbish...

I watched the 2023 movie "Island of the Dolls" just a week ago, and it was a rather abysmal movie, and thus I harbored no great expectations to this 2024 sequel titled "Island of the Dolls 2". So why even bother with the sequel? Well, because I believe in giving a movie a fair chance. And who knows, maybe writers Harry Boxley and Sam Gurney would deliver a more impressive script for the sequel than what writer Oscar Wenman-Hyde did for the first movie?

Well, I have to say that very early on in the movie it was clear that "Island of the Dolls 2" was not going to be a masterpiece or a particularly interesting horror movie. It was just oozing with that low budget and amateurish attempt at a horror movie atmosphere.

The script was generic. Sure, if you're a newcomer to the horror genre, then you might enjoy what Harry Boxley and Sam Gurney delivered. But if you, like myself, am a horror veteran, then there is very little to be enjoyed in this movie. Creepy dols? Check. Camera crew shooting documentary on location? Check. Deranged man trying to bring his dead daughter back to life? Check. All been done and seen before, and often with much better result.

I didn't really understand the Santana (played by Jenna N. Wilson) character and why the writers opted to conjure up that particular character. The character's appearance and role in the movie made very little sense. And the voice that kept changing made no sense either.

I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress on the cast list. That is actually something I do enjoy when I sit down to watch a movie, believe it or not. Despite the script being rubbish, I will say that the acting performances were actually fair.

The character Hughie (played by Tom Beechcroft) pretty much summarized this movie quite well around 28 minutes into the ordeal when he said "absolutely not".

For a horror movie, then "Island of the Dolls 2" was not a great movie. It was about as enjoyable as the predecessor from 2023. But hey, at least if you enjoyed that one, then you will also enjoy this sequel.

My rating of director Andrea M. Catinella's 2024 movie "Island of the Dolls 2" lands on a generous two out of ten stars.

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Reviewed by tony-146-695626 1 / 10

bad really really really bad

Low budget to non existent budget movie with actors forced to say non sensical lines and do non sensical things with a mind numbin boring plot.

Psycho goes around killing young people for some sacrifice in the name of some dead daughter and has a henchwoman in the form of a masked doll looking woman. Well, she has the mask of a doll and the dress of a tradiitonal doll.

If you watch the first 10 minutes you will get a pretty good idea as to how bad and boring and badly made this is. Forget scary. Not even a one.

However, and AMAZINGLY, the movie gets worse as it progresses. Its like watching a car wreck in slow motion. There is no cgi, even when it woudl help. Music score is almost none as well.

The attacks by the doll mask sidekick are so badly executed and shown it is cringe. They change her vocie at different times making it even worse if that was possible. When she chases victims the camera is close up on the doll face character all the time, looking for all the world like a manequin is being pushed along using a wheel barrow. Looks fake and really bad.

Nothing works in this abomination of a movie. Nothing.

To say it is high school quality would be an insult to all high schools.

I feel sorry for the actors.

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