Inventing the Christmas Prince


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.6/10 10 759 759


Top cast

Mark Brandon as John
Caitlin Stryker as Nicole
Brady Droulis as Sherman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by turkishafuller 8 / 10

A Christmas Gem

I loved this movie. Tamera Mowry (Shelby) gave a great performance. As did Ronnie Rowe Jr who played her Boss (Evan). He reminded me of the Gretch, but unlike the Gretch, he wasn't heartless, just clueless about other people's feelings. However, as the movie went on we watch him come out of his Rocket Scientist Nerdy Shell and evolve into this sweet caring person. However, Evan being a rocket scientist was not the point of this movie, which is why they didn't focus on his occupation, but rather on his transformation. This is evident when Evan's boss explains that his work performance was not the problem, but it was his people skills that needed to improve.

Anyway, If you didn't see the plot of Gretch that stole Christmas in this movie, we weren't watching the same movie. At one point, during the Christmas party, I thought (Shelby) was going to say "his heart is growing" The ending was so sweet and so prince charming.

Lastly, I agree that Isabel Birch (Grace) wasn't the right fit for this part. She seemed to be a little kid trying to (act) like a little kid. It didn't seem natural.

Reviewed by Saving21 8 / 10

A Christmas movie delight

This movie is a Christmas delight. It's combing two stories romance and finding Christmas in a beautiful way.

The movie is about a single widow mother who is telling her daughter a fantasy story about Christmas prince. In a mistake her daughter believes the mom's Scrooge boss is the Christmas prince from the story so in an agreement the boss agrees to play the Christmas prince and she agrees to stay on the job. While he his granting the daughter wishes as Christmas prince he learns about Christmas magic and falls in love with the mother. Everything in the movie worked for me, I think the actors were great especially Tamera Mowry-Housley who is hallmark house name and her movies always work. Ronnie Rowe Was great as well and the two had great chemistry.the story itself felt magical about finding Christmas and falling in love. I have to admit I had tears in the end.

One of my faves this season.

Reviewed by donnadlongino 10 / 10

Absolutely adorable!

This movie had it all. The main three characters were excellently scripted, and played by Tamera Mowry-Howsley, Ronnie Rowe and the precious Ms. Birch. The plot was believable, with real life situations of single motherhood and the challenges and sacrifices of a professional life. The sets were impressive and as usual, the gorgeous Christmas decor by Balsam Hill did not disappoint! This was an inspiring story about being courageous enough to find love when it's been lost or never realized. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It was sweet, wholesome, without being corny or sappy. Don't stop beliving!

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