Instant Daddy

2023 [TAGALOG]

Action / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 129 129

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barbaadrienne 1 / 10

Overhyped. Plot they were going for was meant for a cheesy and long Pinoy TV series

Spoilers ahead.

Overly hyped by everyone as a "not like your typical Filipino drama movie" when in fact, it is one... just with better cinematography. Acting for the leads were good but all the other characters could have been better. Lines were awkward. There was potential in fleshing out real life issues but they chose to solve everything magically and without explanation (your kid was just kidnapped by her "father" after you were granted custody - you don't just give up custody as the kid's mom and say everything is OK).

The scene where Mira dies and they just stand there crying? Hay nako.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by ramilsmagwheelrestoration 10 / 10

Must watch!!

Not your typical pinoy movie with corny ending, same movie plots etc.. Man will make you cry, laugh and leave you at awe. Superb act by the kid and Jerald.

A twist you will never expect at the end. So if you are looking for a movie worth your time, this is one of the movie you're looking for. I rarely post review on the internet but this one deserves the recognition it needs. Man I'm sad that I failed to watch this on cinema. Every single cents could've been worth it.

Going to thank this movie is on Netflix and it instantly made my day and I recommended it already to my family. Good job.

Just going to wait for another film of the same director and actors.

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