Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 2213 2.2K


Top cast

Kevin Spacey as Chuck
Peter Stormare as Richard
Kenneth Tsang as Mr. Wang
Daniel Wu as Li
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thinker1691 5 / 10

" When the heart is empty, so too is the mind "

The writer and director of this film was Dayyan Eng. His story relates the unusual experiences of Li (Daniel Wu) a design engineer at an up and coming industrial firm which makes human prosthetic limbs. He is good at his job, but now comes under tremendous pressure to hurry up and finish his latest design, which seems to have a flaw in it. At the same time, his marriage is falling apart and he seeks desperately to save it. However, he finds life difficult and far too demanding to deal with and decides to commit suicide. However, like everything else in his crumbling situation he is interrupted by Chuck (Kevin Spacey) a very noisy neighbor, who offers to help. Having tried medicinal drugs, Li discovers they create more problems for him and Chuck's advice only turns him into a Superhero. The movie is briefly comical, but it is not sustained. Indeed, with the likes of Kevin Spacey and with character actor (Armagoddon) Peter Stormare this audience member expected much, much more. As it is, Spacey's exceptional talents are wasted and the movie submerges into deep waters where it is relegated to sink on it's own. ***

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 5 / 10

Mixing two unoriginal ideas and it turned out mediocre

This is far from being a original flick which is alright if the progressions and development is good. But that isn't really the case here, it's kind of a "Fight Club" meets "Kick-Ass" mash up that isn't all that fun or thrilling. It's watchable but pretty darn mediocre at best. Instead it just comes off mediocre. Putting 2 different concept into one movie can work and in this case it does to some degree. But those 2 concepts or ideas has been done much better individually. The editing is also poorly done and just seem all over the place sometimes. It's like a group of people got together and was like dude "Fight Club" is a cool movie or other movies that has to do with some dude hallucinating and lets put vigilante superheroes in it cause that is always cool. For a straight to DVD movie the production is decent and the cinematography is good for a straight to DVD movie. The thought of a guy that is down on his luck so breaks down and hallucinates and becomes a vigilante superhero with no powers may seem like a coherent movie that would be cool to watch. And I will say it's watchable but nothing special.


Reviewed by expansivethinking 9 / 10


finally a film that is not some epic warlord/kung fu waste of cash. This story thoughtfully told with humor and wit is a breath of fresh air. This is so much better than flowers of war by Zhang Yi Mou. That film failed to move me at all and left me cold. Amazing because it seems china is favoring stylish fluff over substance, which is Director Eng's film really is unique. Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu work really well together as a crime fighting duo. Layered with subtleties , the film has the ability to make you laugh and understand that todays china is filled with some major problems for everyday citizens. Here is hoping this will be released stateside for others to be able to watch.

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