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Reviewed by pgeary6001 9 / 10

Action Film With a Difference

This film is highly recommended for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was written and directed by star Aleksey Chadov, a top Russian film actor who exudes charisma and likeability in all his films.

Secondly, on a purely action film level, Chadov more than delivers, with explosive action sequences that are superbly executed. The viewer barely has time to catch his breath after one firefight before the next one hits the screen.

But perhaps most importantly, the film deals with both the tensions and the alliances that arise between the numerous groupings that feature in the events depicted: Russian and American troops, Syrian civilians and ISIS terrorists, even domestic differences among Russians and Chechens and Russian commanders vs. The troops they lead.

This is all handled with intelligence and finesse, and despite the international tensions that exist at the time of writing, as an American I was cheering for the success of the Russian hero, who will completely win you over with his humanity and courage.

Available on DVD from the USA with English subtitles, this one's well worth seeking out.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by noshouse 7 / 10

Helplessly, our own comrades and country don't save us, they choose to save others.

After watching a movie like this, regardless of whether it portrays recent criticized Russia as the protagonist, the story itself is already resonating. Especially when dealing with villains like those who capture and ransom people everywhere for control, it takes multiple times the effort to counter them. In the midst of it all, there's a mix of personal interests and grand excuses like national diplomacy and borders. It really comes down to whether to save someone based on their utility, not humanitarian principles. Good people often find themselves resorting to the same tactics of the bad guys, and dealing with their cunning and domineering nature.

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