Infernal Affairs III

2003 [CN]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71% · 10K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.8/10 10 14798 14.8K


Top cast

Andy Lau as Inspector Lau Kin Ming
Tony Chiu Wai Leung as Chan Wing Yan
Carina Lau as Mary Hon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by murkin 8 / 10

Shows Scorcese how it should be done

If you haven't seen the other two Infernal affairs see them before this.... Preferably one night after the other as I did... or all at once! The plots really complicated and there are loads of characters. If you've seen the departed you will be surprised how much it resembles all three films but how little of their magic it carried over. The Scorcese remake has borrowed everything from the IF series but learned nothing. I enjoyed the Departed so I thought id watch IF - mainly because the ending of the Departed left me feeling let down. Looking back im embarrassed to have enjoyed it its completely inferior to the originals. Watch them and you will see why.


This is the total opposite of Infernal affairs I and totally different to Infernal affairs II - where the first film was all action, too fast too see the plot, this is slow,almost plodding (at one point I found it annoyingly slow) but its worth it because it really brings out the true nature of the characters from the other films. The action flicks around in time and is often a little confusing. However it is masterfully done, I would say much better than in Pulp Fiction which is the first example that comes to mind. Someone used a food analogy previously - I would say this is the dessert and its best savoured slowly to end what has been a great meal.

I thought IFII was greatly influenced by the first and second Godfather film and in a way IFIII has common elements to the second and third - flicking through time to see how the story has emerged and tying up the loose ends with style.

Without spoiling the plot this film shows how Yans rise through the Triads isn't as smooth as it appears to have been in the previous two films and also shows a darker side of Sam, Wong and (if possible) Ming. Mary and Keung's characters are also developed much more. There are a few interesting twists and a smattering of violence to keep you on the edge of the seat. The real centre piece of this film is the emotional artistic element though. Some of the locations and shooting is breathtaking. The climax of the film occurs after Yans death and is one of the most moving movie moments I've experienced. The final scene is a master stroke... nothing short of genius.

Only reason not to give this ten is that in places its a little slow... also there is less action and when there is action it somehow feels like its only been put in to keep action fans happy. Other than that its fantastic there has never been a finer end to a trilogy I hope that it is a lesson to the movie makers of Hollywood who only make trilogies if they involve toys and video game licences. I expect they are so busy counting the revenue from the Departed they don't care though. Their loss is our gain! Watch Infernal Affairs! Don't buy into the Hollywood money making machine!

Reviewed by grantss 6 / 10

On a par with the second instalment but neither are as good as the first film

The first movie was great, second was OK and so is this. (Completing the set, The Departed was fantastic, even better than the original - yeah, I know, very untrendy to rate a Hollywood remake better than the non-Hollywood original).

Interesting enough but seems to go over a lot of old ground, covered in the first movie. Gets quite convoluted, and loses focus, after a point too.

Reviewed by sunwarrior13 10 / 10

Tying Gaps What Happened Before And After

Infernal Affairs III is a movie about what happened before and after the highly successful film,Infernal Affairs.It tells us the story of how Yan infiltrated Sam's group as an undercover police;the extent of the relationship between Yan and his psychologist; and finally,the pains,trials and tragedies that Ming has to go through after he finally became a real cop now that he no longer works for the Triad mob.I think that this was better than Infernal Affairs II,a film that tells about the story of the youngsters Yan and Ming in their lives in the police academy BUT it could never surpass the greatness of the first Infernal Affairs,a cat-and-mouse chase between Yan and Ming while working for the Police and Triad mob respectively.

The third Infernal Affairs was a good movie to tie the gaps on what happened before the cat-and-mouse chase between Yan and Ming. But it wasn't as great as the first one in terms of the suspense and thriller that it brought.Aside from that,one has to know what happened in the first film to fully appreciate this film. One cannot watch independently as one has to know fully well what happened in the first film unlike installment movies like Superman,Spiderman or Mission Impossible. Indeed,one should have a clear understanding of the story of Infernal Affairs unlike Infernal Affairs II,a film that could possible stand on its own.

The acting was still excellent in the film.Andy Lau and Tony Leung provides honesty to their portrayal of Ming and Yan respectively.Eric Tsang and Francis Wong delivered as they reprise their role as Sam and Inspector Wong respectively.But special mention should be given to Leon Lai,who portrayed the enigmatic police officer,Yeung.

Although the first movie was flawless,this third installment of Infernal Affairs was somewhat slow especially in telling the story of Ming after Yan was killed. Some scenes seemed forced. Although,this movie tried its best to be a psychological thriller rather than a suspense action thriller to distinguish itself in the first two Infernal Affairs film.But nevertheless,I still find this film a great view despite of falling short as a great and classic film like the first one.

A 10/10 rating is justifiable.Highly recommended and it provides great entertainment.

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