In God We Trust



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Top cast

Marty Feldman as Brother Ambrose
Peter Boyle as Dr. Sebastian Melmoth
Richard Pryor as G.O.D.
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brooksfilms 7 / 10

Decent parody of hypocritical religious sects

Marty Feldman got another chance to write and direct a movie, and this one is a little less funny. Still, it provides a humorous view of televangelists and other religious organizations in their neverending pursuit of money over spirituality. Andy Kaufman, as televangelist Armageddon T. Thunderbird, is simply brilliant (which is not always the word used to describe him) and Feldman, Lasser, and Boyle also provide vivid characterizations. I enjoyed this film, even though Feldman gave Richard Pryor very little to do and the film runs out of steam near the end. Nevertheless, there are some big laughs, and any fans of Feldman should enjoy. Definitely worthwhile renting if you can find it. Not quite on the level as the equally irreverent "Life of Brian," but is quite good, too. My rating: 7/10 stars.

Reviewed by DaveArtifex 1 / 10

Terrible waste of time

I certainly would be curious to know exactly what it was that the 'positive' reviewers of this bad film were smoking. I did not see this movie when it first came out in 1980 (thankfully) but i did see it tonight for the first (and last) time on cable. I kept on wondering if the actors KNEW it was crap during the filming because not one ounce of it was worthwhile or funny. Not ANY of the actors appearances or performances were memorable or redeeming. I've always liked Feldman. His best role was that of Igor in 'Young Frankenstein' A movie that came out in 1974 that i could see many many times over and STILL laugh out loud. Cant say that for this 'In God We Tru$t' waste of time.

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

Uneven comedy, but not bad.

This flick (one of the least-seen comedies EVER, I believe) tries to be, at once, a slapstick chase comedy, an offensive religious comedy, a leering sex comedy and an expose of evangelists who exploit the faith of their naive audiences! The results are uneven, but not horrible. Apart from the much-mentioned already Andy Kaufman, there is a standout performance by Louise Lasser, as a warm-hearted hooker. Richard Pryor, as God, is underused, though. (**)

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