Ilana Glazer: The Planet Is Burning



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71% · 7 reviews
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Ilana Glazer as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by openwaters-1 3 / 10

I tried, It Just Isn't That Funny

I felt like she went into little dramatic thinking she was cute or affable but it didn't land for me. It seemed that she was playing to the small crowd there that is really into her versus a wider stage that this format is intended for. I think she has the goods as an actor but doesn't know how to play to a medium that's bigger than the room she was in there just yet as a comedian.

Reviewed by sclafunk 3 / 10

So so so so disappointing

I think she needs Abby. Broad city is pretty great, but based on this. I don't think Ilana has been doing standup very long. She has charisma but the writing is super weak. She should Stick to surreal absurdist type stuff it's def her strong point. I get it, discrimination sucks, and there are hateful people in the world. I'm so tired of hearing about the same 5 woke topics, beyond that, at this point it's simply lazy and over safe. I can't wait for the first comic or writer to evolve us past this pretend to be woke to appease/entertain/ market to a bunch of people who pretend to hate capitalism.

Reviewed by Roundcat 3 / 10

Woke, Tired and Ageist

There's no jokes. She just talks about how she hopes anyone born in the 70s would die soon and how she is failing to cope with the real world. All the audience worship her as she talks about herself in the third person. It's embarrassingly lacking of talent and the bigotry is right at the fore. Really disappointing.

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