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Hiroyuki Sanada as Takeda Katsuyori
Shin'ichi Chiba as Lt. Yoshiaki Iba
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arminhage 6 / 10

Awesome movie partially ruined with cheesy screenplay

The battle sequence which comprises almost half of the movie is breathtaking, it can't be better than that, no one in Hollywood can claim that he or she can create something better however the movie suffered from some facts.

1. A battle group travels in time for unknown reason. I can buy that. You can give the audience every possible "Make sense" fact for the time travel but at the end, time travel is still considered a myth and no one knows if it's even possible, some argue it's not as we had no visitors from the future in the known well documented history so not giving the audience any fact for time travel is not really a problem. It just happened. It's OK.

2.Iba suppressed the mutiny and regained control of the patrol boat. Then he made the most ridiculous and insane move. He blew the boat. Even if he had no use for the boat, he had to keep so he can use the diesel in the tank and tucks, yet he blew the boat with all the fuel and I assume with everything inside it including the ammo.

3. It is a known fact that tanks are short range vehicles. You can't just marsh half of the country with a tank in single tank of fuel. It is just impossible. In the beginning we see that they just march with the tank back and forth (wasting the fuel) and then marching with the tank to the battle. Even by 1940s standard, that was just ridiculous.

4. Same thing goes with the helicopter. Helicopters do not fly on nuclear fuel, they run on gas and they are not a regional passenger jet. Again we see that he flies the copter just to show off like there is no future.

5. They waste ammo just to show off!

6. Iba marches with the entire battle group without protecting his rear. Japan is not a big country. He had to save the patrol boat for escape and if he wanted march, he had to do it along the coast line so at least he had protected back. Coming from the future, he had the precise map of Japan's coast line so he could find a strategic peninsula, secured from 3 sides with water and gun boat and entrench on the land connection, try to lure the enemy to his position. Of course if they wanted to play it right, they had to re wright the whole screenplay but considering the insane effort they put into creating such awesome battle sequence, it was worth it. This movie had the potential of being a cinematic epic/classic.

7. So he marches inland with his battle group which in reality suffered from shortage of ammo an fuel with absolutely no supply line. They got encircled and... It was very well made. They lost everything. Historically such thing happened in WWII when Germans sneaked into soviet line to Stalingrad and everyone knows the outcome. No army commander sneaks into enemy line without having a solid and well protected supply line unless he is on suicide mission!

So, aside from some entertainment factor, the movie was a total disaster.

Soundtrack was good except for the fact that the Japanese singer was singing the mix of English and Japanese... Whenever I heard a song, I wanted to hit my head to the wall.

Overall the concept was good, we saw the concept in several western movies like the "Timeline" and I bet we will continue to see more movies based on similar concept in the future. I would say 6/10. The production was so good that I can not downgrade the movie as much as I like.

Reviewed by ebiros2 5 / 10

Japan Defense Force soldiers finds themselves in Feudal Era Japan

Based on a novel by Ryo Hanmura, Sengoku Jieitai is a story about a unit of Japanese Defence Force that finds themselves in the middle of feudal era Japan due to time slip.

21 Japan Defence Force (JDF) soldiers who were on a training mission in Toyama prefecture suddenly gets transported to feudal era Japan and meets Nagao Kagetora (Isao Natsuyagi) - a feudal era warlord. Capt. Iba (Shinichi Chiba) of JDF gets an ambition to take over the country using superior weaponry of modern JDF force.

This was the fourth attempt by Kadokawa Publishing to be in the movie business. Toho movie studio became the distributor of this movie so Toho's logo appears in the beginning, but the movie is made by Kadokawa. Producer Haruki Kadokawa himself makes an appearance as one of the JDF soldier.

Producer Haruki Kadokawa wanted to create a movie that had appeal to the younger viewers, and inserted blues and rock and roll based music into the movie even if it interrupted the flow of the movie. Young musicians and singers of the era such as Hiromitsu Suzuki, Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Ryudo Uzaki, Akira Nishikino, and Nana Okada made appearance in the movie to support this end.

The novel was the first science fiction that tried to accurately explore the "What if" scenario of modern technology making its way into past history. Other works have followed since such as "Jipang", and "Konpeki no Kantai". The movie follows its original intent and depict the interaction between JDF soldiers and the samurai as realistically as possible.

The movie was cut into 95 minutes in the US released version titled "GI Samurai". The original Japanese version runs for 139 minutes.

The movie version ends differently from the novel. In the original novel, the crew of JDF soldiers ends up altering their version of "history" to ironically match the known history. The original story showed how small human intent is compared to the wisdom of nature.

Idea of matching modern soldiers against samurai is a novel idea which makes this an interesting movie to watch.

Reviewed by kevin-dunlop 7 / 10

Tanks vs Samurai ( who wins ?)

I would firstly say that somehow I remember seeing this movie in my early childhood, I couldn't read the subtitles and I thought Sonny Chiba was Sean Connery. But I did really like the concept. If you are not able to at least partially suspend your adult scepticism and embrace your inner seven your old you may want to avoid this movie. That said, having just watched the restored 137 minute version on DVD I have to say I enjoyed it, though not as much as when I was seven ( I remembered the ending ).

There are aspects of the movie that are worthy of criticism , the first 15 minutes and final 15 minutes both have some really comic moments, my favourite being the contrast between scenes acted out in the final 10 minutes and the curious choice of backing music ( listen to the lyrics ).

For an action film there is a great deal of focus on the personal stories of certain soldiers and the social dynamics of the squad as the strain of their time travel takes its toll. By the ending of the movie I had decided that this was a good thing, when seven I though the 'relationship' guff was a bad thing.

For an action film there is also plenty of gratifying gory action, especially a couple of epic battle scenes between the platoon and hordes of Shogun era warriors. The makers of the movie have ensured that as many deaths as possible are bloody and, lets face it, humorous. I thought this was a splendid aspect of the movie when I was a kid, and I am not ashamed to say that I still do.

I also like the fact that the modern day soldiers in general don't spend the movie walking on egg shells trying to avoid altering the space time continuum, they've got heavy calibre machine guns, mortars, rocket launchers, a tank and a helicopter and they're hell bent on making feudal Japan theirs. Which is what I'd like to think any vigorous IMDb user would do in their boots.

In short the movies worth watching, it makes the viewer regret that there are not more movies made with a similar premise, and at the same time offers some hefty hints as to why a movie like G.I. Samurai is so unique.

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