I Used to Be Funny


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83% · 52 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 1356 1.4K


Top cast

Dani Kind as Jill
Dan Beirne as Tim
Jason Jones as Cameron
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevelivesey-37183 5 / 10

Interestingly structured but draining and ultimately a chore to get through

IUTBF is a tough movie to love. I guess you would have to live in the disillusioned LA Gen Z bubble to understand any of the characters or their motivations. Cinema is best defined as an empathy creating machine but this movie made me feel nothing.

The issue is mostly the awkward, stilted conversations in the screenplay. The opaque plot doesn't help. The flashback scenes provide some drama but also make the whole film seem like a Greek tragedy.

The direction is actually fairly effective, the acting, however, is not. Some of the characters will be grating to a 'normal' audience. Hence the need for the bubble.

I never thought that a movie about a stand up comic could be so laugh free.

Reviewed by imdb-392-492467 6 / 10

Frustrating Storytelling

I found the description of this movie to be deceptive. The story is about a former comedian where something happened that derailed her life.

The description says PSTD but what this trauma event is it not immediately revealed. The movie spends the three quarters of the time dancing around something having happened.

The dialog tries to be hip about teenage topics but it is mostly just cringe. No cap.

Much of the story is told as flash backs interweaved into the present so such it's never really clear when anything is occurring until several beats into a scene. I found this all irritating and bad story telling.

The movie eludes to what may have happened and while it's possible to guess, it's makes it all the worse that they don't just say it.

Everyone in the movie knows what happened but we are left out of being shared the details. Conversations about the event happen over and over to the point of becoming fraying, like an inside joke that no one will explain to you until you start to wonder if the pay off will be worth it.

It won't.

This fake tension is bad story telling. There is a missing child and the description creates a narrative that this is a big part of the movie but it's simply not. Our main character spends most of the movie unconcerned about the child's whereabouts. Its only purpose is to provide an ending to an otherwise meandering mess of a movie.

Reviewed by WillWorkForBananas 8 / 10

Spoiler : not a movie about Tom Cruise

Still a very enjoyable movie seen the limited budget that it was made with.

The movie starts slow at the beginning but then picks up pace.

Sam (Rachel Sennott) looks like one of those stand up comedians you meet once in a while in a stand up comedian club of which you wonder afterwards how they are doing because you never see them again in that same stand up comedy bar.

At some point you wonder whether they moved on to something new or if they moved to another stand up comedy bar which you aren't visiting and getting better reviews for their work or that they might end up suddenly in some movie which you just happen to view on a rainy day.

I guess that is what the movie is really about.

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