I Me Wed


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.9/10 10 870 870


Top cast

Erica Durance as Isabelle
Meaghan Rath as Tracy
Natalie Brown as Marla
Thom Allison as Bill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

A Very Silly Idea

This Canadian production sadly crosses the line between funny and silly and ends on the wrong side of it. Not even Doris Day in her many years as a professional virgin would have thought of something like this.

Ericka Durance after a good deal of ribbing from her friends about her being one of the remaining few who has not gotten married decides to strike what she thinks will be a blow for feminism. She announces she's going to get married, but to herself since no one satisfies her exacting standards for a mate quite like she does. This is probably a formula that narcissistic people all over the world should follow, but for Ericka this was just a moment of pique.

For a living Ericka restores and flips houses and on the job she meets for the first time her contractor's son, Paul Popowich. Now that's making her rethink the silly idea she's had, but by now it has mushroomed and a major TV program is going to sponsor the whole thing now. And what will Paul think when he finds out.

The players Popowich, Durance and the supporting cast are sincere enough and attractive enough, but life just isn't breathed into this whole silly idea. And I'm not sure why they decided to locate the film in Boston since it was shot in Toronto and Ottawa with an entire Canadian cast. Other than some lines about the Red Sox this could have taken place just about anywhere. Popowich's weekend job as tour guide could have been just as easily identified Canadian with him driving the horse and buggy as Isaac Brock for example. Did he have to be Paul Revere?

As an American, if I were Canadian I might just be a little put out at films that are shot in Canada all the time and then located in America. Even I could recognize parts of Toronto and Ottawa from both being there and newsreel films.

But mainly I Me Wed is just a very silly idea that might go for a half hour television comedy, but not a feature length film.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

horrible title

Isabel Davies (Erica Durance) is a happily single house flipper in Boston. She's tired of the setups by her mother and her best friend Amy (Cara Pifko). She decides to get married to herself with the help of her gay friend despite her mother and Amy's consternation. She starts to fall for her contractor's son Colin (Paul Popowich) but she continues with the wedding. She goes on a TV talk show and becomes a media sensation.

I really like Amy and her relationship to Isabel. That's the more fascinating story. Isabel's story is kind of ridiculous. She wants a small wedding but she goes on a TV talk show. Also the drama is based on very little danger. She really only has to tell Colin but she can't bring herself to do it. Colin is the perfect guy and Isabel isn't facing anything overwhelming.

Reviewed by lavatch 3 / 10

Narcissism 101: "It's All About Me!"

"I Me Wed" is a silly film about the independently-minded woman Isabel Darden, who decides to make a statement by marrying herself.

In the process of planning this event, Isabel falls in love with young Colin. When he protests that the sacredness of the ceremony would be lost and that he wants to marry her to enjoy that ritual, Isabel refuses to change the plans and proceeds with the ceremony that has turned into a media circus.

The act of marrying herself turned Isabel's best friend, Amy, away from her. It apparently ended the longstanding association with Isabel and her contractor, the father of Colin. Above all, it seemed to end the loving relationship of Isabel and Colin.

While the cast was likable, especially the engaging wedding planner and the location filming in Boston was great, the film itself struck too deep a chord in demonstrating the cult of narcissism today.

As the Frank Sinatra song goes, Isabel wanted to say, "I did it my way." But the way that it came out was "It's all about me." The protagonist discovers that her narcissism had the potential to wreck her life. And for Ms. Darden, that is darned pathetic.

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