I Am Urban



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Anna Friel as Greta
Bill Blackwood as Bob - Drunk
Charlie Heaton as Frank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emmabcraigie 9 / 10

convincing and compelling

I loved Urban and the Shed Crew. It has a very strong, engaging narrative with very powerful individual characters who immediately grab our attention and concern. The film presents us with 1990s Leeds, and a world of lost, fragile people who are trying to find some kind of connection, some kind of place in the world as they struggle with the chaos of their lives. The relationship between the young runaway Urban and his erstwhile stepfather figure, Chop, is compelling and convincing. The portrayal of Urban's mother, is equally powerful and very sad. The acting is superb and visually the film is subtle, memorable. This is a film which is very thought provoking, it puts you through the mill emotionally but is quietly heart warming, showing the redemptive power of human love.

Reviewed by fabolass 10 / 10

Excellent Film and Worthwhile Subject

Just watched today Urban and the Shed Crew, available now to stream through the Blenheim Films website. I had read Bernard Hare's book some four years ago or so, and have been looking forward to finally seeing the film.

It was well worth the wait, what an excellent film, with very strong performances. I do caution that it is a heartbreaking film to watch, it will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. But it will also make you think about our social responsibilities, from our governments yes, but also from ourselves.

I'm in the US, and though the film is set in Leeds in the UK, it is just as relevant to what happens here in our cities, and everywhere really to young people, to children, in need of care and hope.

Very strong performances from the entire cast, including all the young actors involved in this film. Bravo to Richard Armitage as Chop and Anna Friel as Greta, and a double Bravo to young Fraser Kelly as Urban. Bravo to director Candida Brady.

I would recommend watching the film first and then reading Bernard Hare's book, a true story. Mr. Hare is the real Chop.

This film really deserves to be seen.

Reviewed by hounds-3 10 / 10

Heartfelt story with great performances

Poignant and heartfelt film based on Bernard Hare's memoir Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew. I've been eagerly anticipating the release of this film and was not disappointed. Great performances by all, especially from Fraser Kelly and Richard Armitage, who play their roles with sensitivity. There are glimpses of pain and love beneath their hardened exteriors. Also, there were some really striking shots--kudos to the cinematographer.

Watched this on Blenheim Films' site and thankful for Candida Brady's persistence and passion to get this finally released to a global audience.

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