I Am Not Big Bird

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Reviewed by karlandrewcruz 1 / 10


Summary: "I Am Not Big Bird" follows a 30-something virgin, dejected after his girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal, who heads off on holiday to Thailand with friends. There, a peculiar chain of events ensues when he is mistaken for a famous Thai porn star, the "Big Bird" of the title.

Initial Impressions: Promoted as a bold and boundary-breaking film, "I Am Not Big Bird" ultimately falls flat. Despite being marketed as a raunchy sex comedy, the movie plays it surprisingly safe, resulting in a tame and underwhelming experience. It offers laughs, primarily through gags and shock value, but fails to deliver on its promise of being progressive or daring.

Plot and Setting: Set in the mid-2000s, pre-smartphone era, the film stars Enrique Gil in a comedy largely set in Thailand, revolving around sex and genitalia. The premise follows Luis Carpio (Gil), whose proposal is rejected by his girlfriend because he's waiting for marriage. He flies to Thailand with friends, only to be mistaken for Big Bird, a porn star with a notoriously large penis. This mistake leads to a series of comedic and risqué situations.

Execution: Directed by Victor Villanueva, known for "Patay na si Hesus," "Boy Bastos," and "Lucid," the film surprisingly lacks the provocative edge of Villanueva's previous works. The movie tries to balance risqué elements with mass appeal, resulting in a sanitized tone that hinders it from reaching its potential.

Humor and Risqué Elements: The humor largely revolves around the size of Big Bird's penis and the subsequent hijinks. However, the film shies away from fully embracing its raunchy premise. Scenes that could push boundaries are instead sanitized or implied. For instance, a potentially explicit scene is replaced with a humorous advisory that it's "too sexy for Filipino audiences," and drug use is implied rather than shown.

Character Development: The film attempts to explore male friendships but falls short. The characters' backstories and dynamics are underdeveloped, leading to a forced and hollow conclusion. While Macky's story receives some attention, July's backstory is neglected, making the film's attempt to shift from comedy to a heartfelt narrative feel unearned.

Conclusion: "I Am Not Big Bird" is a missed opportunity. Despite moments of humor and the potential for a groundbreaking comedy, it ultimately plays it too safe and fails to fully capitalize on its premise. The sanitized approach prevents it from being the bold, provocative film it could have been, resulting in a movie that neither pushes boundaries nor leaves a lasting impression.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by ZpoiiMaximTh 10 / 10

Love it

It's a very fun movie. It has everything, including comedy, romance, action, and sadness. It's heart-filling to watch. Suitable for watching with a couple. I like the choice of great actors. I've seen the return of enrique gil. I like that I can communicate well with Thai culture. Hopefully part two may be seen in other countries. I like the scene with the ninja Naruto from Kaoru. The chase scene was really fun. I like the scene with the ninja Naruto from Kaoru. The chase scene was really fun. I like the scene with the ninja Naruto from Kaoru. The chase scene was really fun. Hope others will like it.

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