Hotel Belgrade

2020 [RUSSIAN]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2/10 10 1834 1.8K

Top cast

Milos Bikovic as Pavel Arkadevich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freemila 6 / 10

Strange mix of everything

Remember the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel? Maybe director was trying to replicate that? If original was strange, this copy was strange enough. Visually is done nicely, has a brief funny moments that only limited audience can understand and the rest is "running around the set" without a clear objective. Could have been done less chaotic....

Reviewed by miloshp-12340 5 / 10

Russian kitsch in art - Schund

Repeating repeated, (black cat white cat -1998) Art is the opposition of boredom. Try to make everyone laugh and be intended for all ages. Bad acting, very aggressive and beginner acting, the scene thrown 'the more the better' the more colorful the heart dearer. Some mediocre post-movie feel.

Reviewed by alexscg 5 / 10

An easy, fun, relaxing movie

People tend to take things to seriously. This is not such a movie. It's basically a charming little flick of a movie, with hints of Balkan mentality. So, if you are a Westerner watching it, chances are you might not like it. But, make an effort, just sit back and relax. I find too many commentators being too serious.

The young actor, the main protagonist, Milos Bikovic, is very popular in Serbia and Russia and has been acting in both languages and countries. He plays a rich playboy who inherited a five-star hotel in Belgrade, Serbia. His life is all about going out and dating hot women, not committing to a relationship. When he accidentally destroys a three-million euro "piece of art", a miniature statue of a urinal, he starts being chased by the Serbian mobsters. This is a parody of modern art. Anything and everything can be considered art nowadays.

Stumbling upon an old girlfriend from Russia, he speedingly shows her Belgrade - not telling her that he is being chased by the clumsy mobsters.

During their adventure, he will realise who his true love is.

Slavic and Balkan viewers will connect to the story, mentality and humor better, but Western viewers should watch this as well. Why not? Overcome your political feelings of Russia and just watch it. I liked it and had a nice laugh at times. Just give it a try.

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