Holy Flying Circus


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48% · 50 ratings
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Top cast

Stephen Fry as God
Rufus Jones as Terry Jones / Jones the Wife / Bishop
Belinda Stewart-Wilson as Nun / Montage Woman
Michael Cochrane as Malcolm Muggeridge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grendelkhan 6 / 10

Would probably have worked better as a straight drama.

As a long time Python fan I was curious to see this piece, upon discovering the Blu-Ray at a store. It's a curious undertaking that teeters on a see-saw, between comedy and drama. Unfortunately, it's this inability to commit to one or the other that undermines both. There are spotty humorous moments and equally spotty excellent dramatic moments; but, the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

The casting is quite good visually and even somewhat verbally, for the central pair of Palin and Cleese. Unfortunately, the performances are too often mired in caricature, rather than actually portraying the Pythons. The peripheral Pythons (Gilliam, Chaplin, and Idol; mostly) are all but ignored, with Gilliam portrayed as a gibbering idiot (more or less) and Idol as a money-grubbing b#$t%^&. Chapman is barely portrayed at all and Terry Jones mostly serves as a joke, as Palin's wife. Palin comes closest to being real, with Cleese coming off more as Basil Fawlty than John Cleese. Unfortunately, this lack of depth undermines any serious drama and is rarely very funny, apart from the odd jokes and a few surreal moments. Actually, many of the supporting players have a better handle on balancing between comedy and drama, especially Michael Cochran.

It really isn't until the end, as the televised debate has wrapped up that the drama finally rises to a level that grasps at greatness. When Palin chastises Cleese in the hallway, we finally see more of Cleese the person, not Cleese the persona from television. The film does make the point that the Pythons came out on top because they were seen as serious artists making a point about their work, in the face of uninformed and dogmatic attacks from pompous mouthpieces of the conservative establishment. This is where the film is most effective and demonstrates that the production should have just taken this path, in the first place. The comedy is an attempt at doing Python, but rarely equals it, though the puppet battle between Cleese and Palin is worthy of Gilliam.

In the end, much like the debate about Life of Brian, you really have to see the finished product and decide for yourself. I found myself laughing much less than I had hoped and aching for them to go more deeply with the drama. Others have described it as hysterically funny or complete rubbish. I suppose some of that may be influenced by familiarity with the original television debate, news reports of the period, and interviews with the Pythons. The film exaggerates much of it and underplays much of it, leaving you to sort it out for yourself, which isn't all bad. I give it points for trying and for daring to be the first to try to examine Python in a dramatic form. In that alone, it is worth viewing.

Reviewed by intelearts 8 / 10

489th Review: More swear words that a titmouse can launch a moose at......

The BBC has outdone themselves in this wonderful piece about the reception of Life of Brian. Having been taken along with 20 other pupils to see Life by my school chaplain while taking a Religious Studies A level it always has had a special place in my heart. This wonderful reconstruction captures something of the Pythons complete silliness, and the even more complete silliness of those who found Brian offensive.

This is seriously the best tribute film to the Pythons out there, the effort in casting to get it right has paid off, to say they look and act like how and who they're meant to is a gross understatement - they really do capture something of each of the Flying Circus with marvelous alacrity.

All in all, this is rude, crude, very, very silly in places, and, above all, fall on the floor funny. Quite simply, one of the funnier films I've seen recently and for those who like Python in any form this is smart and just what the doctor ordered.

Reviewed by joebloggscity 7 / 10

A great comedy? Yes it is! No it's not! YES IT IS!!!!

I'm not going to get into the whole debate here over the "Life of Brian" which I'll leave to others. This docudrama is as it says at the start a re-imagining of the events & conversations that surrounded the Monty Python team before two of them stepped onto a late night talk show to discuss their controversial movie "Life of Brian".

Film takes the basics surrounding the "debate" and slaps a thick coating of Monty Python comedy references into the mix. The two adversaries in the debate are painted in a bad light, so the program is biased but it's mostly all for laughs.

Should take the show as an excuse to just relive the Pythoneseque humour. The program humourises the darker aspects the Pythons may have gone through (e.g. death threats) but at the end of the day they won the contest (the film is shown often on free-to-air TV in the UK and is widely regarded as one of the greatest comedies ever).

Well acted, well scripted, you will enjoy it. A nice retelling!

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