Hold That Ghost


Comedy / Crime / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100% · 6 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90% · 500 ratings
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Top cast

Evelyn Ankers as Norma Lind
Janet Shaw as Alderman's Girl
Richard Carlson as Dr. Jackson
Bud Abbott as Chuck Murray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankfob 8 / 10

Riotous farce, one of the duo's best

This combination of haunted house scares and A&C slapstick works terrifically, for several reasons--the supporting cast is first-rate, and Joan Davis proved to be the best comic foil Costello ever had, their scenes together sparkle and their chemistry is undeniable; the boys' timing, always a marvel, has seldom been better; and, as in their best film, "A&C Meet Frankenstein," the spooky elements are played exactly that way, and not for laughs, and it works as well as it did in that film. Also, it doesn't have the cheaper, rushed look that many of their later ones had, and director Arthur Lubin--responsible for some of the team's best pictures--keeps things running very smoothly. The boys showcase some of their classic routines, Joan Davis is a joy to watch, the Andrews Sisters' songs don't slow things down ("Aurora" is actually a bright, catchy little number); all combine to make this one of the best Abbott & Costello films. Don't miss it.

Reviewed by tavm 9 / 10

Abbott & Costello's Hold That Ghost is my first entry for Halloween-flavored October

With today being the first of the month that Halloween takes place in, I thought I'd devote all the days before All Hallows Eve to various movies of horror, suspense, or any comedy with a combination of the two. So with that, I decided to rewatch Abbott & Costello's Hold That Ghost which I first saw 30 years ago when I was 11 or 12 staying home late Saturday watching TV at midnight. It was my first time that I observed Bud & Lou in live-action, having previously seen them in Hanna-Barbera's cartoon series when I vacationed the year before in New York City. Anyway, I was a little amused at their antics then but now I find them hilarious especially Lou with his constantly getting soooo excited when he's scared! Unlike the previous two movies-Buck Privates and In the Navy-they're not the only ones getting big laughs. Joan Davis also gets her lion's share in slapstick and facial reactions whether with Costello-gotta love their classical-rumba dance skit-or by herself when going down the stairs with a ghost behind her. There's also Shemp Howard in an amusing cameo as a soda jerk. And the screenplay by Robert Lees & Fred Rinaldo (with additions by A & C's own John Grant) also provides some witty banter with the romantic leads Richard Carlson and Evelyn Ankers. By the way, while Ms. Davis plays a screamer actress on radio (though she rarely does it when actually scared), Ms. Ankers-who would spend most of her Universal career in horror flicks-would become "Queen of the Screamers (or Horrors depending on the source)" as a result of this and subsequent movies. Oh, and if you're wondering why musical acts Ted Lewis and The Andrews Sisters appear in the beginning and end, well, when Universal previewed this movie, according to Maxene Andrews, when the audience filled the preview cards they asked, "Where are The Andrews Sisters?" as they had enjoyed them previously in Buck Privates. (In the Navy-and Patty, Maxene, and LaVerne's participation in it-would be hastily filmed while this haunted house comedy would be temporarily halted.) Because of their spots, they don't interrupt the flow of the comedy which includes such classic bits like the "Moving Candle", "Changing Room", and Lou's ad-libs with a stuffed moose's head. All in all, Hold That Ghost is a most enjoyable Abbott & Costello movie with great contributions from Joan Davis.

Reviewed by JoeKarlosi 7 / 10

Hold That Ghost (1941) ***

It's nice to catch a break from the two recent "service films" that Bud and Lou made this time, as they go from army and navy men to playing two domestic, unsuccessful waiters-turned-gas station attendants. They unintentionally cross paths with a dying gangster and then become the heirs to his spooky old inn that just may contain a pile of hidden loot somewhere within it. What they didn't count on, however, is that the deceased had some scheming friends who are also hungry for the dough.

HOLD THAT GHOST is often considered close to the best film from Bud and Lou, but I'm not sure I would take it quite that far. It is a good, solid, comedy/spook show that plays on the old tried and true "haunted house" theme; and once more the boys are in top form to deliver the funnies as Abbott keeps trying to calm a very nervous Costello down as he encounters everything from dead bodies to ghosts to revolving rooms to moving candles. What helps boost this one up a notch, aside from the moody setting, is some able assistance from a good supporting cast. There's Richard Carlson as a timid scientist who's oblivious to the longing advances of the pretty Evelyn Ankers (from THE WOLF MAN), and the stand-out antics of Joan Davis, who's really an asset as she plays a "professional radio screamer" who's got some great moments with Lou Costello, including the aforementioned "moving candle" bit, and a charming little dance duet.

Oh yes, and the Andrews Sisters are back for a third time, but this time they're only used at the start and finish. Hey, what can we do? They were hugely popular at that time. And I must confess, I don't mind them concluding the show with one of their better tunes, "Aurora". *** out of ****

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