Hillsong: Let Hope Rise


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60% · 10 reviews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dr_spider_man 5 / 10

More of a promotional video than documentary.

The film is an emotive-styled documentary that follows the members of the band 'Hillsong United' as they prepare of the biggest concert of their careers. Sadly, the film has very little drama or conflict. Nor do I ever feel that anything is ever at stake.

Yes, I understand it's a documentary and the filmmakers we're dependent on real life for there drama, so I sympathize with their situation, but they were tying to make a type of documentary that more interesting in engaging their viewers heart than head, and those type of docos are reliant upon more tradition fiction style of storytelling to be successful. This doco has very little drama or internal conflicts nor did I ever felt anything was at risk.

In very general terms: stories are about people facing the biggest internal and external problems of there life. They use everything they have to overcome these problems and become better people in the process.

This documentary is about people who have both internal and external conflicts (but don't worry, God will solve it) and use there skills (well, technically, it's not there skills but God working through them) and overcome really mild problems and they stay exactly the same as a results. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with doing that, just the act of pray and the action of an Omnipotent God doesn't translate too well to the visual medium of film.

Also, God doesn't do anything too remarkable in the doco. I'm not here to debate the existence of God, but you get the feeling that if God didn't exist everything in the doco would have played out exactly the same. Nothing that happens the doco that non-Christians haven't already done without the aid of God.

So, what's the big external problem of the film. Hillsong UNITED has to play the biggest concert of there careers and things aren't going to plan. They've had a late night bump-in, running on a few hours sleep and a couple of songs still need to be finish.... sounds like regular band stuff. It's drama but nothing so unique or interesting that it requires to be filmed and retold.

What make things even less dramatic is when you realize they're probably playing to a very friendly Christian crowd and will overlook any mistakes.

So from there we go back in time and learn about the origins of the church and the band. The majority of the doco focuses on the band members of Hillsong United. So, this is were we come to the other big problem. All the main character are pretty much the same. With mild exceptions they have the same backstory, motivations and problems. Plus, they all give similar types of answers, most of which are "God" and it never really gets explored past that.

We then learn more about the main band members see them try and record a new album. They all seem like nice people but they come across being very 2-dimensional.

The doco has once scene that jumps out and kinds of overshadows everything else. The head Pastor (Brian Huston) talks about when his father Frank (ex-head pastor) confessed to him about being a child molester, and having to fire him. I'm not blaming Brian for the actions of his father, but I am blaming for him not calling the police. It's unconscionable conduct. I don't think Hillsong (who produced the film) really understands how bad this scene plays out.

This is a doco that didn't need to be made. It's not a story that's desperately needed to be told. It's an expensive promo video for Hillsong. That's probably not going to convert anyone (No one is getting past the whole 'not reporting the child molester' subplot).

The doco feels like the equivalent of engaging in polite chit-chat with a person you meet at a party. They seem happy and nice but they conversation wares thin towards to end and you know for a fact you have no desire to ever talk to them again, but you wish them well in life.

Reviewed by jacobs-greenwood 7 / 10

Next best thing to seeing Hillsong United in concert

This is a documentary that spends a lot of time informing its audience about the backgrounds of the titled worship group's members, their faith lives, families and the creative process. But it also gives a very real sense of what it must be like to see Hillsong United in concert, albeit without the full spiritual experience, which makes it worthwhile for fans of the group, praise and/or contemporary Christian music.

While I was familiar with the group and many of its songs, I did not know (until after I watched this film, wondered why certain members weren't in it, and did some rudimentary research) that Hillsong has multiple worship 'teams' including Hillsong Worship, which is not represented in the movie (though there is some member and creative overlap).

From its website, Hillsong United is "Committed to creating a musical expression that is almost uncomfortable in its uniqueness, our mission is to write songs that awaken churches and individuals to the fact that we are redeemed and called into the story of God". It is certainly evident in watching this documentary that the group is fulfilling its mission.

There is also a fabulous sequence just 20+ minutes into the movie: a composite version of "Mighty to Save", which you can find on the group's Hillsong Movie youtube channel, that's not to be missed.

Reviewed by nairspecht-57189 6 / 10

Worship Musicians who crosses the whole mile and setting new boundaries as they move.

As a portrayal of hardworking group of musicians working for a church and depiction of their lives, this one is solid. I never knew when creating music you first set the tune and then add lyrics to it. The overall Christian faith - the faith in ones-self as working for god really exudes through the whole reel. It is like one of the senior pastors shown said their whole gig is based upon giving its followers a space of liveliness and they are doing it beautifully as skilled musicians or in the biblical words as some said to make feel the holy spirit that moves the earth, to open up people with sounds and emotions, it was also nice to see they have the right words when they need them.

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