Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AlienRefugee 6 / 10

Alright...not the biography you were expecting.

Rather strange. It dives into his childhood and creative vision, all while showing behind the scenes footage of the development of Death Stranding. The overall pacing and formula is really off. It makes absolutely no mention of Silent Hill and briefly talks about Metal Gear Solid but glosses over what was clearly a huge part of his career. As someone who only knows a bit about his contributions outside of Death Stranding, I was left without any sort of clarification or information about where he started out and how he got to be such a respected member of the gaming community. At just under an hour in length, it felt like a YouTube special or a bonus unlockable from the game.

Reviewed by masonsaul 7 / 10

Love letter to an gaming icon

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds isn't the deep dive into Kojima's career or creative process that it could've been but it remains an engaging look at gaming's first and most popular auteur. There's a great selection of interviewees here and any time it focuses on the development of Death Stranding are the strongest parts.

Glen Milner's direction pulls out all the stops with its dramatic slow motion, animated sequences and grand statements which show a clear reverence for his subject. However, one grating choice is the decision to introduce everyone almost every single time they're interviewed which is baffling considering it's only an hour long.

Reviewed by sebastiangabrielblanco 10 / 10

The film I needed

As a game developer whose work has been greatly influenced by Mr. Kojima, I can say that the film is a light of hope for new creative directors. It shows many ideas: giving feedback of everything, 200 decisions per day, having people that support you no matter what, showing your inner world and having a particular worldview, edgy game but for the masses... It also communicates the importance of art: enhance the human spirit and inspire. The film was entertaining. It was really nice to receive a rope in a world of sticks. It is a must if you admire Kojima as a creative director. You will also see some early scenes of Death Stranding.

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