Hide and Go Shriek


Horror / Thriller


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Sean Kanan as John Robbins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by insomniac_rod 5 / 10

Exclusively for fans of the genre.

*SPOILERS* The film opens with a "dramatic" sequence where a tranvestie man is raped (or at least that seems) by another man. After the tragic event the opening credits roll, and you have a peculiar opening sequence for a slasher movie.

In the next scene eight friends plan to celebrate their high school graduation in a furniture store at night, owned by the father of one of these kids. Before the teens arrive, the owner of the furniture hires an ex con to take care of the store at night. Apparently, the ex con tries to start a new life and follow the right path. Unknown to him, the teens sneak into the store at night and start their party. As the night passes, one by one these teens are brutally murdered by an unknown killer that has a wicked concept of fun. After killing them, this killer wears their clothes. Yes, he even uses the women's clothes. The main suspicious is Fred (the ex con) but apparently he's not behind the murders. When the other 4 teens discover the dead body of their friends, they start a hunt in order to find the killer. From out of nowhere, Fred appears and asks them "what are they doing here?" only to be physically beaten down by one of the boys. They think they found the killer when suddenly, the real killer makes a frightening and weird introduction. Who will survive? What's the identity of the killer? and what's his relation with Fred?

I had the chance to watch this little known slasher for the first time two years ago on late night cable. After watching it, I thought that the premise was interesting (highly based on Chopping Mall from 1986). I thought that this was a recommended slasher, better than the average.

I've had the chance to watch "Hide and Go Shriek" 3 times in the past 2 years and my opinion has changed. This is an average slasher, it has the elements that made the genre popular, but clearly it's not one of the bests out there. There's decent gore (the decapitation is the best kill), and a creepy atmosphere (the mannequins added a touch of uncertainness and fright). O the bad side, the acting is terrible, the score is boring and repetitive, and the plot turns boring and tedious after the first 30 mins. Bunky Jones is hot! she's candy for the eye. The best about the film is the ending which is truly shocking, not because it's great or innovative, but it's something you don't expect. Disgusting. This is just a film for slasher fans, those who enjoy the greatness of this genre. Not for everyone!

Anyways, give this slasher a try only if you are a die hard fan of the genre. Watch it with low expectations. 5/10. I have warned you!

Reviewed by johannes2000-1 4 / 10

Too heavy at darkness, too light at gore!

It's exactly what you can expect of an 80's horror-flick with such a cringeworthy title: silly, bad-acted and poorly done where it should count the most: the thrills and gore. A little group of teens lock themselves in in a big furniture-store to spend a night of partying and making-out, but are surprised by a mysterious and relentless killer. After the first kills we see them scared out-off their wits (especially the girls are forever hysterically screaming, so maybe the title is not that bad!), running around the ware-house from floor to floor to try to escape (to no avail of course) or to bravely chase the killer. Unfortunately the director thought it necessary to let 95 % of the scenes take place in the dark, maybe to add some authenticity, but it's rather tiresome to constantly have to look at shadows and partly lit people. It's also not very helpful with the enjoyment of the killings and the gore, which are not very convincing to begin with (with the exception of one scene with the elevator, I grant them that!).

The acting is what you can expect of a B-film with a bunch of teens, amateurish but well-meant, at least they do their best. The villain on the other hand, when finally exposed, acts way over the top, and the script gives him by the way an unusual and curious motivation for his killing-spree. The very last shot is intended to give us the shivers, but I was in stitches, I just couldn't believe that they really came up with such a preposterous inconsistency. Well, laughing is not a bad thing, so 4 points for that!

Reviewed by brileyvandyke 7 / 10

80's slasher with a plot twist

Initially this appears to be the usual slasher formula of high schoolers sneaking into a furniture store to party throughout the night. Someone else is in the store killing the kids one by one. I won't give anything else away. There is a red herring, but this film is notable for giving a plot twist as we discover who the killer is and why they are doing what they are doing. All things considered I really enjoyed this film. It doesn't get remembered as much when 80's slashers are discussed. If you love horror films, go see this.

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