Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 245 245


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Patrick Casey as Herman Schumacher
Josh Miller as Icky, Perkutzitwuzzel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by poolandrews 7 / 10

"No we're not going to put anything in the holes, if we did that they wouldn't holes anymore." Surprisingly really entertaining & pretty funny.

Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! starts as Herman Schumacher (co-writer & co-producer Patrick Casey) graduates from St. Olaf College with a major in World History, he hitches a lift to the town of Bloomington where he has to find a place to stay. He spots a flier for a spare room, he heads on over to the address & talks to the owner of the house Blaine (N. David Prestwood) who says he can have the room. Herman meets the other house-mates, Damon (Andy 'Hippa' Kriss), Alan (Sean Hall) & Icky (editor, co-writer, co-producer & director Worm Miller) all of whom seem a little on the eccentric side to say the least. Herman notices that his room is still full of someone else's things, he asks Blaine who says that the room used to belong to Thaddeus who mysteriously disappeared a few months back. Herman gets a job & discovers that his major only qualifies him to dig holes in a field, Alan bizarrely changes his name to Chartreuse, he notices that in the back garden there are pieces of wood stuck in the ground with lots of previous roommates names on them, something starts to steal his clothes & he discovers that his girlfriend Cassie (Maria A. morales) is only 12 years old. Life in the 'real world' isn't going as Herman expected & he also starts to believe that one of his roommates is a serial killer who buries the bodies in the back garden...

Edited, co-written, co-produced & directed Worm Miller Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! has absolutely no right whatsoever to a good film but against all the odds & defying all my instincts & expectations it is. The script is a madcap, crazy collection of bizarre incidents, quirky likable character's & genuinely funny gags. Even though the title may lead you to believe that Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is a comedy horror there is very little horror in it, it definitely doesn't play like a horror film. I really liked this film & I found it very funny, the style of comedy in Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is an acquired taste for sure. It's a sort of silly juvenile humour that worked very well, for instance when Blaine caught Herman using his comb & then Blaine kept reminding him of it & threatening him. The way Alan changes his name to Chartreuse & everyone else just accepts it like it's a normal thing to do apart from Herman. Or the scenes when Herman was working, even though he has a major he just digs a hole in a field & the company demands that he wears a tie to do it! The fact that Cassie is an underage nymphomaniac, Herman's gay boss, a guy who gives Herman a lift & then keeps talking about killing hitchhikers & faking a stroke behind the wheel & there's even a creature that likes to steal Herman's clothes. I've probably made it sound crap & really stupid but I found it a very watchable, very funny & imaginative film that I'm glad I spent the time to watch. The story is minimal but it's clever & well thought out, everything comes together & works in context. This is a really good film that deserves to be seen, I can't think of anything bad to say about it other than it's extremely silly & odd & many may not like that approach.

Director Miller works wonders with the budget he had, apparently Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! had a budget of about $500! Jesus Christ, for $500 they worked miracles. While not particularly outstanding in any area it's pretty well made, the locations are good & I must admit that I have seen far cheaper looking films than this. What the filmmakers obviously lacked in money & facilities they make up for it in enthusiasm & energy, I bet this was a fun production to work on. There's are one or two murders in it, someone is run over with a lawnmower but as a whole the special effects consist of nothing more than a bit of fake blood.

With that budget of a measly $500 don't expect state of the art special effects, exotic locations, explosions or fancy camera work but for what it is it's well put together. I even thought the music was pretty good. The actors in Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! were obviously friends & family so don't expect great acting but it's OK, at least all of the character's are likable & pretty funny so they must be doing something right.

Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! was a big surprise to me, when I go into these shot-on-video low budget films I really don't expect much at all but this one really delivered. It's not for everyone but I recommend Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! to anyone looking for something a bit different. Don't forget to watch the end credits as they contain outtakes & bloopers which seem to confirm that it must have been fun working on this.

Reviewed by whenelvisdied 7 / 10

A pretty fantastic flick, considering....

For being as obviously low budget as it was, this movie is pretty wonderful. The dialogue is sharp and hysterically funny, the pacing is quick and never leaves you wishing you were doing something else, and there are stellar performances by Patrick Casey and Andy Kriss. The rest of the cast does an admirable job of keeping us alternating between laughing and cringing. Definitely track this gem down if you can find it--you won't be disappointed.


Reviewed by darkonex-31666 7 / 10

I expected to hate this but didn't

I'm not big on low budget, sov, or indie films. This is actually probably only the 3rd sov film I've watched and I got it with the purchase of another film. I figured I'd give it a chance for at least a few min then put it on my "to sell or trade" shelf but I actually very much enjoyed the whole film! I think the biggest thing going for this is it had a ton of fantastic humor in it, and you can tell they really put a lot of heart into making this. I also noticed the camera work actually seemed very well done regarding angles and transitions etc. The actors were very good, funny, and charismatic. Usually with lower budget fair like this everybody seems so boring and stiff, but this was not the case with this one. Anyway, color me surprised, I definitely recommend anybody to at least give it a chance and you too might be surprised.

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