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Reviewed by fitnessgirl-98203 8 / 10

Not Perfect, But Very Good

First became aware of atrocities against Germans through an Author named James Bacque. Crimes and Mercies was a chilling book, as was Other losses. The book - A Woman in Berlin, was just as cold, and terrible to read.

This film covers many topics, and issues, I'd not known about. The movie makes me very angry at the lies, and cover up. That people are taut to hate Germans of that era, for being pure evil. But what of the treatment by the victors? How do you make sense of that?

Soldiers were not the only targets, so to were women, children. Young, or old, it was irrelevant and disgusting.

Reviewed by petko_166 8 / 10

Telling the story from the other side..

Well, I almost fell from the chair when my grandmother first told me that Germans were in fact nice to them, and the real psychos were (some) soviets. Also in fact, all death camps, except those in soviet occupation zone, were proved to not to be a death camps - what proves nothing against holocaust, but it is kinda interesting. Especially whilst considering claims in USA about soviet propaganda during the cold war.

We are being told about the atrocities of Germans, and "goodness" of allies in europe, but merciless cruelty pattern against civilists of so called good guys repeats in japan, Vietnam, juhoslavia and in the middle east. It also looks like the so called dictators in arab countries are in fact very intelligent and admired by their own people, while being propagated in our TVs like pure evil savages.

About film: Although some statements in Hellstorm are hard to believe, this documentary is important puzzle in the maze of finding truth. It is relieving to see something different than monolithic point of view.

Reviewed by nttung 8 / 10

The other-side history worth to watch

I have to say first, I come from Vietnam and back to the war, do you think the American did not rape woman or kill children? or American again are the good guys while Vietnamese communistic people were the bad one? Think about it. No side are good or bad at all in some areas. The movie was worth to spending time to watch. If you really are an open-minded person, it is interested and stunned as well. Otherwise, I swear you would vote the film 1 star as many others did. Two-side story always better than one-side. At least, I know another story beneath the victory-story demonstrated by the Allies. It is hard to see, of course, but the should be some reason why the German have to go to the war, right?

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