Harrison Bergeron


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 7.2/10 10 2656 2.7K


Top cast

Sean Astin as Harrison Bergeron
Christopher Plummer as John Klaxon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loraine2 8 / 10

A disturbing view of the future

This is not the movie to watch right before you trust the government to do something that they say is in your best interest.

Living some years from now, Harrison Bergeron is a smart young man. So smart, in fact, that he's had to repeat grades, several times. That's because A's are bad, C's are good. Everyone is to be rendered average by a headband that moniters brainwaves and keeps intelligence level to average. Harrison, however, is so smart that the headband does not work for him. Recruited by the government, he learns that people have so much more potential than is allowed. Armed with this new knowledge, he feels compelled to act.

In a wonderfully hilarious supporting role, Eugene Levy plays the randomly selected president, who has no idea how to lead a country but loves wielding power. His conversations are little sub-gems sprinkled throughout a gem of a movie. This one is well worth the while, though quite disturbing.

Reviewed by merklekranz 7 / 10

"Idiocracy" for intellectuals .................

It's easy to imagine Mike Judge's hilarious film "Idiocracy" as a dumbed down version of Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron". "Harrison Bergeron" is both darkly humorous, and at the same time frightening. This is intelligent science fiction, that extols the belief that mediocrity for everyone should be the goal of society. The government implements control over citizen's brains with electronic headbands. This diabolical system is overseen by Christopher Plummer, one of a few privileged citizens, not controlled by a headband. Sean Astin is Harrison Bergeron, a rebellious intellectual who tries to overthrow the system. The film has dark comedy, an excellent and appropriate soundtrack, and top notch acting. Recommended sci-fi viewing. - MERK

Reviewed by 29055 8 / 10

A vision of the future

Kurt Vonnegut's story turned into an intriguing movie. Not a sci-fi classic but worthy of particular praise for its grim vision of the future. Not a future dominated by machines because man has taught them to evolve (Terminator), nor a future inhabited by docile, lazy epicures who have even lost the ability to read (The Time Machine). This is somewhere in between, a future where the average prevails and where excellence is looked upon with scorn.

After a second civil war, America's leaders have realised that war is idealistic, so they look to an age where ideology was at its lowest point. The golden age of mass consumerism - the 1950s. Children are taught at school to achieve mediocrity, grade C is best, grade A is very bad. Adults are force fed tv with no stimulating content, and strive to buy the newest durable product they see advertised. All brain patterns are controlled by thought suppressing headbands.

The premise is marvellous and keeps the viewer hooked. It is darkly comic, but seriously thought provoking. Not brilliantly acted but certainly worth a look.

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