Hall Pass Nightmare



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Andrea Bowen as Carrie Palmer
Anne Stedman as Clerk
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Reviewed by agreenskeeperscorp 2 / 10

Frumpy Woman

How Andrea Bowen was casted for this role makes absolutely no sense. She has too be the most frumpy looking actress in any LMN movie. To try and make us believe some "rock star" Dante is obsessed with her is laughable. And I wouldn't want to buy any medical equipment from her totally clueless dopey husband. And what was the shower scene with her washing all the filth off of herself after a couple of kisses she had with the acoustic rock star? That was pathetic. The whole movie went from bad to worse. The complete clueless, goofball husband was just over the top. He also went from bad to worse. 2 stars for comedic value.

Reviewed by deedrala 2 / 10

Lol a "bad boy rock star" who only plays acoustic guitar and sings ballads??

Hall Pass Nightmare

My review title is the main laughable, nonsensical issue of this latest of many over-the-top LMN fictional flicks with its usual premise of a violent psycho-stalker LBG (Lifetime Bad Guy) who's hyper-focused on LGG (Lifetime Good Girl) for unknown reasons - this time in the form of a famous singer who used to be in a rock band and has gone solo under the stage name 'Dante'.

Other laughable issues include:

  • the object of LBG's obsession being unattractive and boring - as if this hot "bad boy" didn't already have a plethora of groupies drooling over him from which he could pick and choose.....but no, of course he just had to set his sights on a mediocre, stringy-haired, uptight married woman with a boring job in healthcare administration and no tattoos (I remember watching her - Andrea Bowen - as Julie, the daughter of one of the Desperate Housewives, years ago)

  • her plan to stop his stalking is to stupidly entice him to her BFF's house where she and her two girlfriends think they'll bring him down with a taser and baseball bat

  • no help from the police whatsoever

  • LGG's husband overacted to the point that he came across as a dorky goof (he also reminded me of a young Harrison Ford in the looks dept.)

Brief summary: LGG and two friends go to business convention where she meets her high school celeb crush in the bar and turns down his invite to his room but ends up making out with him in the hotel hallway. After returning home, he openly stalks her with surprise visits and gifts and texts, that she repeatedly rebuffs, but he can't/won't take 'no' for an answer and so predictably turns violent and dangerous.

Main complaint is the ambiguous ending: it only showed him lying still after falling down the short flight of stairs, so the viewer is left to wonder if he died or was arrested?

Grade D - 2 out of 10.

Reviewed by hhutton-25800-97724 1 / 10

Trashy movie

Lets see now: cheating, low resolve housewife: loving, oblivious, wimpy type husband who is in very obvious need of some self-defense lessons: psycho, scummy pretty-boy guy who weak minded women always flock to: very low moral friends who care nothing for you. Yeah, this makes for a bad film that is very triggering. Really love Andrea Bowen, but hated her role in this one. A lot of this crap happens in real life, less the rock star status of the psycho, with the exception that the husband doesn't forgive as easy and act like nothing happened. May be blow to the head caused amnesia. And shortly thereafter they ride off into the sunset of a beachy resort to start a family. This movie really leaves a bad taste.

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