Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer

1976 [HEBREW]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95% · 50 ratings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by genoxy 8 / 10

A good film, but...

The story of a dysfunctional Israeli reservists' unit in the Sinai prior to the 1980 peace deal with Egypt.

Gingi, the unit's sergeant and the only guy around with his head screwed on, sort to speak, desperately tries to keep everything going smoothly, when the regional Colonel is due for a visit.

The plot thickens, when one of the reservists under his command (Victor), ends up in the hands of an equally dysfunctional Egyptian border unit.

While the film is a funny, light-hearted watch, the humour, unfortunately, doesn't translate all that well, and unless you're a native Hebrew speaker, you will miss a few of the important points, that have made it such a cult film in Israel.

All in all, definitely worth a watch!

Reviewed by obviously_maybe 9 / 10

An Israeli cult movie

A hilarious comedy. It covers the story of three characters, but concentrates on Sgt. Jinji and the character of Mr. Hasson. Sgt. Jinji is very interested in Yaeli, Mr. Hasson's youngest daughter. After getting into a dispute with a fuming Mr. Hasson who falsely believed Jinji wanted to marry his eldest daughter, Jinji is kicked out of Mr. Hasson's house. Having witnessed the scene, and unbeknownst to Mr. Hasson nor Jinji, Yaeli escapes too and hides in the back of Jinji's jeep, intent to join him despite her father's wishes. On the way to his army base, Jinji picks up Konstanza, a shady businessman, who has been evading reporting to reserve duty for a while. Konstanza also happens to owe money to Mr. Hasson (due to a very dubious business deal gone awry), and Mr. Hasson decides to look for Konstanza to get his money back. All our characters end up in the middle of the desert at a small, somewhat improvised military base.

Indeed the plot isn't particularly sophisticated or even very important (the movie itself doesn't seem to take itself seriously). The beauty in the movie lies in charisma of the main characters (who make up the "Hagashash Haheever", as they're called in Hebrew), in the jokes and humorous scenes that occur between the army authority figures and Jinji, Mr. Hasson, and Konstanza. For myself, it also creates a nostalgic feeling, one that increases as years go by. Israelis will definitely understand and most, I believe, enjoy the humor, but I would recommend this movie to non-Israelis, because after all, it is a classic Israeli film and has certain moments that would make anyone laugh.

Reviewed by saadanathan 8 / 10

Israel's perfection 8/10

"Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona" is definitely the best movie of Israeli cinema. It is super funny, creative and mind blowing at the time. The movie is one out of four movies that "The Pale Tracker" group did back in the day. All movies were not connected by plot, they had nothing to do with each other. But they all became classics of cinema and culture in Israel. With "Giv'at Halfon" being the most remarkable and the one everyone remembers. It is a parody over the military and citizens, the combination between the two is hilarious. The big stars of the movie are the three members of "The Pale Tracker": Gavri Banai, Yisrael Poliakov and Shaike Levi. All doing a great job and wonderful performances. Interesting fact: both the actors Nitza Saul and Tuvia Tzafir play in this movie and in the other classic called "Hagiga B'Snuker" which makes them the only actors to play in both most classical movies ever in Israel. What I love so much about this movie is all the catch phrases and iconic dialogues between the characters but I can't give any examples because it's not the same in English. I believe all viewers should watch this movie, rather you want to or need to because it's a "must watch". Even if you don't get the jokes I'm sure you'll understand the concept and story. Put on your uniform and go to the military!

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