Half Baked: Totally High



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Top cast

Ashley Santos as Trisha
Justin Miles as Shadow
Frankie Muniz as Eddie
Rachel True as Mary Jane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steindavid-84390 7 / 10

Surprisingly good!!

I grew up in the 90s and started smoking weed pretty early in life. The original half baked is a classic from my generation. I didn't find out about the sequel until last night. Surprisingly, it did not disappoint. It doesn't compare to the original but it still had a lot of heart.

It was a pleasant surprise to see a purple of the original cast return such as Harland Williams even if it was just a short cameo. It's not often that a sequel is released 25 years later and still holds a candle to the original. I ended up paying 6 bucks for this rental and am not disappointed that I did. Something's never change. Smoking weed and enjoying stoner flicks.

Reviewed by RightOnDaddio 10 / 10

Wow! A Next Generation Half Baked for the 21st Century, 2024, and The Youth of Today, All The While Honoring The Original! Maybe The Best Comedy of The Year!

I was totally shocked to see this title in Tubi. It looked like it had to be connected to the cult classic from 1998. And of course, it is!

Then I began to worry that maybe it would be a cheap rip off, a money grab. Like maybe one of those gazillion American Pie: Band Camp movies, that I've never seen.

But it's not. It is so not that.

This movie is well made.

It has money behind it and it looks like it.

Universal backed this project.

It's got a young, energetic cast unknown to most just as the original did over a quarter of a century ago.


Has it been that long, already?

This movie brings it altogether.

The youth of today.

The humor.

And it properly honors the legacy of the original, which is one of the 90's great comedy movies.

Harland Williams is in this. So is Rachel True!

Dare I say, this movie is an upgrade?

It looks cooler.

It has great music.

Why wasn't this put into theaters?

This cast was cast properly and they came ready to play these roles.

This movie will not let down fans of the first film.

Here's an unlikely comparison but just as Top Gun: Maverick didn't disappoint its longtime fans.

This movie does the same.

Either way, the fans will be flying high! (Oh!!) This movie's format and storyline also is quite similar to its source material.

These Mary Jane enthusiasts in this movie are still on a mission.

To disclose said mission would be a violation of a spoiler alert.

I won't do it.

But it's a solid endeavor and entertaining to watch all the way through.

It's a motivated mission.

With excellent cameos.

And lots of laugh out loud.

A bunch of colorful characters that command this small screen.

Why didn't this play in theaters?

This could've played in theaters.

It's so well made, so creative.

This should've played in theaters.

And it's on Tubi?


But I do love Tubi!

This is a fun movie. Like the first film, it's going to be rewatchable, it's going to be a fave for a lot of people.

Only thing is, no Dave Chapelle, no Guillermo Diaz, no Jim Breuer.

But their presence is felt much the same.

This new movie is a smooth ride, and an enjoyable experience.

It has everything you want from a story continuation standpoint, that is coming from something you love and know quite well.

It won't let you down.

It'll only make you feel high.

Reviewed by SecretMovingPictureTopDog 1 / 10





Six hundred characters ok I'm.. It's not worth 600 it's a trashy, hacked up just no tone weird hard to watch pos. Don't be fooled into thinking you have to like this.

It's a proper we'll say example of not only modern weed, having no real connection to the stuff from back in 1998 but also the culture that just isn't funny anymore.

The weed is all tweak, the heads are all normal. There's nothing fun about this. It's like watching a Disney channel TV but it's about weed and that's a bit uncomfortable.

It feels like it's directed at like really young people or something.

I can see why this went direct to Tubi, but it's just so upsettingly bad and follows the same format as the original, so it's just ever more apparent how bad everything is now.

It would be a sad day in weed history, if weed wasn't ruined ten years ago.

My God have mercy on your soul.

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