Guess Who's Coming to Christmas


Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 5.8/10 10 878 878

Top cast

MacKenzie Porter as Kelly Harding
Olivia Cheng as Chelsea
Matt Ward as Jason
Diana Bang as Market Cashier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by januszlvii 6 / 10

Ok Christmas Movie

Guess Who's Coming To Christmas is an okay movie, not good but not bad either. It is about a boy named Tim who enters his sister Kelly in a contest to meet her favorite rock star Dax ( she is 26 and has had a poster of his since she was 18), and he wins. The best scene is the shock on her face when he first shows up. Dax's problem is despite being financially successful he is unhappy because he has not written a song in four years and he had a drinking problem. The relationship between him and Minister's daughter the heart of the movie: We have seen this story before: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl boy gets girl back. What does work best is Kelly (MacXenzie Porter). She is beautiful and dominates the picture. One character I could not stand to as Chelsea (Olivia Cheng). She is an Asian version of the dumb gold digging blonde. She and Dax had absolutely no chemistry together, and she obviously only dated him because he was wealthy. Spoilers ahead:,At the end Dax said "I want a real relationship and it can't be here ( New York) and it can't be with you." Her response: "Can I keep this bracelet " ( she bought it with his money). Spoilers ahead ,Of course on Christmas Day he shows up at Kelly's dad's church, gives her a big kiss in front of the congregation and has her sing a song with him they wrote together, and he announces he needs Kelly's realtor mom to find him a house because he is moving to Kelly's small town in Illinois ( of course it is to be with her). In the final scene, he is outside Kelly's home and he is playing a harmonica Kelly gave him for Christmas, and she gives him a big kiss. It goes without saying they will be married sometime the following year. Dax and Kelly got what they both wanted. Dax a real life and as he said "He regained his faith and even his faith in himself again" and Kelly ends up with the only person she really wanted ( which is why she said "I waited for this ( the kiss) my entire life".)Again an slightly above average movie not great but not bad.

Reviewed by joshjmuir 7 / 10

A Great Christmas film/ romantic comedy

Spoilers are a possibility, This is a quaint Christmas film that manages to fill all of the stereotypical romance and Christmas troupes associated with these kind of films but yet it also manages to deal with this issues fairly reasonably and doesn't linger on the problems for too long. This makes the film easier to watch but also makes the characters more enjoyable. This film does have a strong religious undertone that can be distracting at times but yet because of the nature of the film and the message it is trying to be spread it makes sense so even then it isn't out of place. Besides a Rockstar staying at a Reverend's house can only lead to more hilarity. The cast are great with a natural chemistry with one another that show a strong family unit and even later the inclusion of Dax (Lachey) is just as natural when a bond is established. The manager and girlfriend of Dax fit their characters well with the latter being a romantic foil. The Main romance between Kelly (Mackenzie porter) and Dax is natural and is fun to watch as they exchange banter and over time their relationship develops. Kelly's brother Tim is also a standout as he manages to win the competition that ensures Dax's arrival and has a natural sense of comedic timing. Overall this film may not be your Oscar style film but it is a sleeper comedy that manages to deliver a fun filled Christmas romcom with interesting characters and infectious charisma.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

Along the usual lines

Celebrity singer needs to repair his rep. You can probably figure out the rest.

The story is set mostly in the house of a Christian pastor who has a lot of rules and a few platitudes, but I didn't think the movie was overly preachy.

There's a bit of singing here and there by the two leads, but it's not really a musical movie.

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