Great Expectations


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69% · 80 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50% · 5K ratings
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Top cast

Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham
Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch
Ralph Ineson as Sergeant
Sophie Rundle as Clara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

Just meets expectations

Just a year after BBC television made an adaptation of Great Expectations which was hampered by bland and limp lead actors playing Pip and Estella. We had a BBC Films version made a year later.

Ralph Fiennes plays the role of Magwitch here although Ray Winstone for the TV adaptation was better casting. Winstone looks like a man who was born to play Magwitch.

The film is well photographed and has some wonderfully lit scenes. Director Mike Newell knows he needs people to forget the David Lean version made in black and white.

The trouble is that there have been so many adaptations of the Charles Dickens novel that it has become a well trodden story. There was nothing new here or an interesting take in this adaptation.

The leads were better, Helena Bonham Carter actually looks a likely choice to play Miss Havisham but brings little else that what was expected of her.

The film is cinematic enough for a low budget film. I think overall an average retelling of the tale rather than an inspired one.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Breaking hearts for a new generation

Going back over the years it seems that every generation gets a new version of Great Expectations . We can't seem to get enough of telling of Charles Dickens's coming of age novel. In this version the brothers Toby and James Irvine playing different ages of Philip Pirrup, shortened to Pip our protagonist hero.

Pip's an orphan kid brought up by his sister Sally Flemyng and her husband blacksmith Joe Gargery played by Jason Flemyng and a random act of kindness feeding escaped convict Magwitch played by Ralph Fiennes brings him unseen benefits. A change in lifestyle as he now lives like a gentleman. He can also aspire to court the haughty Estella played by Holiday Grainger.

As her very strange guardian Miss Havisham has brought her up, she's to reek vengeance on the male of the species.. Helena Bonham-Carter and that's been a great part for character actresses. Left at the altar by the man she loved, Miss Havisham is the last word in warped. I wonder who in real life Charles Dickens took as his model for her.

As it goes young Pip has been believing certain things in his life and based his life on false assumptions. In the end he's happy, but he's got quite a reality check in store for him.

Another ten to twenty years there will be another version of Great Expectations. We don't seem to tire of the tale.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Expectations that are not really met

Far from a terrible film but rather disappointing too, seeing as this did have a lot going for it. Plus the trailer actually looked really good. There are certainly some good things, even when a film or series doesn't quite work there are not many times where there is nothing redeeming about it. This Great Expectations does have a fair few merits and the best of these merits actually come off quite well. The costumes and sets are both beautiful and evocative, and the reuniting of Pip and Estella has some very clever lighting, there is great atmosphere and poetry in this moment. The music is haunting, is fitting for the tone of the film and doesn't overbear things too much. The opening scene is very atmospherically effective also, though the adaptation that did this scene best and quite possibly without equal is David Lean's.

And while the acting is inconsistent, there are some very good performances, and actually most of the performances fall into the very good category. The star was Ralph Fiennes, his Magwitch was both creepy and tragic, in the earlier scenes Fiennes is chilling but later on he is very likable and you feel pity for the character. Helena Bonham Carter really gives her all to Miss Havisham, wonderfully bitter and dramatic, if physically a little too on the voluptuous side for a character that is described the complete opposite in the book. Jason Flemying is an excellent and dignified Joe, Robbie Coltrane is firm and somewhat larger than life as Jaggers and Olly Alexander's Herbert Pocket is eccentric and quaint as well as earnest and upbeat, a very engaging performance of a potentially dull character.

Jeremy Irvine looks the part for Pip but his acting style came across as too overwrought and too innocent, while Holly Grainger looks radiant but not cold enough for Estella. They are marginally better than the miscast leads in the respectable but flawed 2011 BBC adaptation, but only just. David Walliams mugs his way through the role of Uncle Pumblechook and painfully so, it may work for Little Britain but it is completely wrong here. Toby Irvine and Helena Barlow are very competent and work well together, if lacking that extra spark to make them truly memorable, Barlow also could have a little more spiteful.

Aside from these problematic casting choices there are other reasons why this adaptation of Great Expectations fell short. It is a very difficult story to adapt, Dickens generally is difficult to adapt, but the story is not very engaging here, though there are some bright spots like the opening scene. The pacing can get tedious while some of the details are rushed through and under-explained, the Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham scenes veer towards the absurd rather than the tense and the scenes between Irvine and Holliday don't have that much pulse. The ending is also very badly bungled.

The script can get rather trite and wordy with some awkward tonal shifts. And while the period detail is great and there are moments where the lighting is clever, the way the film looks is rather too grim, too much of the Harry Potter and Tim-Burton-at-his-most-Gothic vibe. Mike Newell does deserve some credit for bringing out the story's dark approach but too often it is too emphasised so the film generally lacks life, and consequently the dark obsession that is at the heart of this great story comes across as rather flat. Overall, a long way from bad but not as great as it could have been, personally this was a mixed feelings sort of reaction towards the film. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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