Goodbye Uncle Tom

1971 [ITALIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reggie_Charan 7 / 10

Makes "The Passion of The Christ" seem like Romper Room

Anyone thinking of checking this film out: be warned, words can not express what an awesomely brutal experience it is to sit through. I'm a big fan of horror films, but nothing I ever saw came close to the feeling of revulsion this 30 plus year old film gave me. Trust me, you will have to use the fast forward button on your remote control several times sitting through this one.

A group of Italian journalists goes back in time to America during the time of slavery and documents what they see. The viewer is spared no amount of detail as we are shown what it was like to travel aboard a slave ship, be sold in market as common livestock, be raped, tortured hunted and killed, and basically denied even the slightest bit of human empathy or compassion at every turn.

While Roots covered the same subject matter a whole lot better, it came nowhere near delivering the visceral reaction of this film. For that reason, I recommend people watch Goodbye Uncle Tom. While by no means a great film, if society is truly never to forget the injustices and wrongs of the past, work like this is necessary viewing.

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

Quite possibly the most shocking film you'll ever see...

Goodbye Uncle Tom is a downright jaw-dropping and surprisingly professional production in the Mondo Cane series. Terrifically shot documentary-style, this film explores the interaction between the races in modern America. Slavery, Black Rage, White Oppression...Jacopetti and Prosperi are all showing it uncensored and without mercy. It's repulsive, shocking and the violence subtly get more under your skin as opposed to the average teenage horror slasher. The inhumanity of previous generations makes you bow your head in shame. Guided by a thrilling Riz Ortolani score (perhaps known best for his Cannibal Holocaust music) Goodbye Uncle Tom shows how black people are being exploited, raped and killed for no reason other than being "inferior". The films opens with a truly atmospheric portrait of how Martin Luther King's death mobilized the black community. Right from that moment, you just know that you're about to see a film that is a lot more intelligent than it seems and ahead of its time when it comes to being provocative. A history lesson that sticks to you! Of course, because of its realism, it cannot be recommended to everyone. Goodbye Uncle Tom is better not watched by the faint-hearted. Highly recommended piece of revolutionary cinema!

Reviewed by JMconnell 7 / 10

Tasteless, Offensive, Unpleasant, Unforgettable.

I've seen a lot of offensive films in my time, from Cannibal Holocaust to A Siberian Film, but this one is easily the most tasteless, offensive, unpleasant films I have ever seen. Yet somehow it is also riveting, like watching a car crash unfold in slow motion. Several times I was on the verge of turning it off in sheer disgust, but found myself holding off, just to see how much more depraved it could get.

The "plot", such as it is, concerns a pair of time-travelling reporters from Italy going back to the south of the USA during the heyday of slavery, to conduct a "inquest" into slavery. Presenting itself as a condemnation of slavery, it instead revels in the unpleasantness, delivering atrocity upon atrocity with a smirk on it's face. The horror inflicted on the slaves in Django Unchained pales in comparison to the never-ending parade of unpleasantries served up here. I suppose it does present a view of what slaves went through at the time, but it's hard to feel that they are condemning the acts when all the slaves are presented as little more than dumb animals.

Amongst the dubious "delights" on offer are rape, castration, paedophilia and the truly horrible scene where the poor reporter is "seduced" by a 13 year old black prostitute. It's made so much worse as everything is presented as though we are seeing it through their eyes.

It's certainly unforgettable, and if you're not easily offended or squeamish, it's worth watching once, even if it's just to see how low Italian exploitation cinema managed to stoop. You might need a good shower afterwards, however.

Rating: 7/10 just for the sheer gall of the film.

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