Good Boy


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pedroquintaoo 7 / 10

Good but not so disturbing as you think

The film "Good Boy" is notable for its incredibly unusual and impactful premise, where a man behaves like a dog, creating a bizarre and unintentionally comical experience in certain scenes. While it may be slow for some viewers, the film's pace gradually becomes darker and more engaging. It offers an interesting critique of dating and modern relationships, delving into psychological analysis of love obsessions and power dynamics. However, it suffers from inconsistent writing, with the protagonist making implausible decisions, and it missed the opportunity to deliver a more impactful and disturbing narrative.

Reviewed by Night_springs1 7 / 10

Keeps you curious

I've watched Good Boy in Lisbon during the horror festival MotelX. I had some expectations because the whole idea of having someone dressing up as a dog called my attention while scrolling through the movie list.

The flick starts great - the cinematography, atmosphere, acting and humorous moments felt truly genuine and you could feel the audience feeling it as well.

It keeps you curious on why the hell this guy has a person in his house wearing a dog custom, and your imagination starts wondering if it's really a human or another "thing".

It develops pretty well and you can tell the moment when it all turns south, this is perhaps the part that I didn't enjoy so much. When we all knew what was going on, I felt the acting went a bit too much and not in the best way. In my opinion, it didn't reach that "insane" psychopath status that leaves actors in the best performance lists. Even though there were some good parts in it.

Overall, still one of the best horror flicks I've watched this year, much more interesting than most high budget movies out there. Someone mentioned it was Viljar Bøe 3rd movie, which is insane in my perspective, in a good way.

Reviewed by meinwonderland 5 / 10

Wasted opportunity to make something disturbing

Girl meets boy through a dating app only to find he lives with someone who believes himself a dog.

The bizarre premise is what brought me to this movie. It does a good job keeping you entertained and curious. The nature of the plot is unsettling enough to give this movie a chance. The dog costume, though simple, is disturbing, to say the least, as are many of the situations seen throughout the movie. However, I feel the end result is a wasted opportunity. The premise was a perfect recipe to make a disturbing movie. Good Boys has its moments, but in the end, it fails to deliver. The ending was not good.

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