God on Trial


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Matthew Goode as Self - Host
Eddie Marsan as Lieble
Stellan Skarsgård as Baumgarten
Dominic Cooper as Moche
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Reviewed by billcr12 8 / 10

compelling TV drama

Most television dramas are a complete waste of time. This is not the case with God on Trial which is one of the best films I have ever seen on TV. The questions asked throughout the 84 minutes are right on target. A group of prisoners at Auschwitz; some of whom are awaiting execution, the others unsure of their fate, debate the meaning of God's supposed covenant with the Jewish people.

I am not Jewish & I don't believe any one group of people are chosen above all others because of their religion. I was told that the Catholic Church was the one true one in my childhood. Muslims are taught that Allah is the true path. Hindus believe in another God. It leads us all on a dangerous path.

This film is made for people not afraid to search within themselves no matter what they believe. I was very impressed.

Reviewed by mickjongold 9 / 10


Films set in Nazi extermination camps are always confronted by certain production problems. Will the Jews look thin enough? Will they look like they're eaten by lice and other vermin? How to convey their interaction in such a wretched and desperate place? A place that most of us cannot begin to imagine. This drama succeeded (against my expectations) because it doesn't feel naturalistic. Of course Anthony Sher and Stellan Skarsgård and the others look like well-fed actors. But this does not detract from their performances because the emphasis in this film is on the arguments. How can anyone affirm a belief in God in Auschwitz? It's a good question, and many approaches and interpretations of God's actions are offered. The production could be criticised for feeling a little like a stage play. A bit wordy with many monologues. But the acting, the direction, and, above all, the writing are first class.

Reviewed by v-jung-1 9 / 10

Remarkably gripping and unsentimental ensemble piece

I decided to watch this TV Drama with some apprehension, worried that it would be unbearably depressing to watch, as the outcome is so predictable. We know most inmates were killed in Auschwitz and we know that the trial ended in a guilty verdict. All praise to the writers and performers of this drama therefore for constantly surprising us, those who are meant to argue for the defence often give the most surprising argument for the prosecution and vice versa. Hats of also to all the actors for never stealing each others limelight. Seldom have I seen as balanced a piece of acting, Eddie Marsan and Anthony Sher are there all the time, with very little impact until their chosen moment, whereas others like Stellan Skarsgard are visible all the time but only get to have major influence later on in the drama. The idea of having modern tourists interact with the inmates is used well and sparingly. I thoroughly recommend this drama for anyone willing to engage in thought experiments, it is not really yet another description of what happened in the Second World War in Auschwitz but a novel and complex discussion of evil, guilt and suffering that is most persuasive by not coming up with one right answer.

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