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Drama / Musical

IMDb Rating 3.7/10 10 1239 1.2K


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Aimee Garcia as Carmen Salgado
Karen Jin Beck as DJ Shy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jgreene-17 10 / 10

Great Job for a First Time Out of The Gate!

I saw this film a couple of times. Yes, it is an often-told story of rags to riches and yes, another dance film. But what makes this film so unique is the story behind it. The filmmaker, Ms. Marron, raised all the capital herself to finance its production. She put together the actors, the crew, the musicians, the post people and worked tirelessly on her project. Then upon completion, she screened at festival after festival to rave reviews. The creme de la creme comes in the form of a major distributor, Lions Gate, who also believed in Ms. Marron's film. For a first time filmmaker to have this kind of success is rare, on par with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and their Miramax breakthrough. So props to Ms. Marron for her hard won success! See this film and help support independent filmmaking!

Reviewed by mentiramivida6 1 / 10

Sadly unentertaining

I really enjoy dance movies but sadly there aren't many that are entertaining and actually well made. I've only truly enjoyed Save the last Dance and Honey. Both had great music, good chemistry amongst the actors, dope moves and perfect stage presence. Carmen came off as very stiff and uncomfortable not only when dancing but just speaking. Without Gina in the scenes there was nothing making you want to continue watching. Sure it has a nice story but if the actors can't do two things required of them then the film is a flop.

If you like dancing movies don't go in wanting or expecting one. If you see this, see it knowing it's more of a lifetime coming of age flic.

Reviewed by edbok1995 1 / 10

Totally rubbish

First i wanted to try my SONY TV on 3D.I ordered by mistake on ebay this movie as it was the cheapest 3D Blu-ray DVD .I put it on on 3D ,there was not any effect of 3D at all ...After i continue watching on normal blue- ray..half way i cut it off cause on meaning of the movie totally rubbish movie never see such a worst and no passion movie to watch..No dance Technic or happy to watch,just low life people on it.Lets break it down a bit the meaning of this movie.. -no dance ,not good ca-rater to play .first of all it started OK by giving a school teenager life wanted to dance but after went all wrong by putting the teacher into student live fixing - never can been teacher fixing your live problem into movie ,it doesn't make any sense how the director putting on this movie ..Sec by killing her room mate from other guy ,what that has to do into dance movie ...killing people about krackheads problem cause the didn't let them to have sex... Im totally Million % give a big 1 out of 10 (1/10)

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