Girl with a Gun



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Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 3 / 10

stunning achievement ... in bad film making

I believe that under proposed Diversity/Equity rules, I am obligated to award at least one point for actually getting this film into production. Because, as we all know, effort counts. And, to be fair, the cinematography is stunning. You can take any of the outdoor shots at random, and turn them into a screensaver, effortlessly. Wow. That said, writer/director Kevin White has produced a film that is so wrong on so many levels, it can be immediately studied in any film class anywhere as an example of what not to do. The dialog was intended to be pithy (nothing wrong with pithy) but instead comes across as if there are entire scenes missing. There is nothing wrong with using "unknown" actors -- as long as they can actually act, and sell their roles. None of that here. Every movie needs something called the "glue", something that holds your attention while the story is being developed. None of that here either. As I have explained in other reviews, one of the giveaways of an ultra-low-budget indie is a sound track so intrusive that it actually tries to compensate for everything else that is missing. Check. If effort counts, viewers who make it to the end of the reel should get points also. ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))

Reviewed by julian-640-544058 1 / 10

Were they actually serious with this mess?

To call this an amateur student film would be an insult to amateur student films. The story could have been written by a six-year-old (and probably was). The acting (if you could call it that) reminded me of a kid's high school play... a bad one. I looked and looked for some redeeming quality to justify my spending time on this but, alas, I could not find one. There are endless continuity mistakes, editing errors where everywhere (looked like cut and paste...done poorly), the music was as weak, misplaced and ridiculous and the dialog was painfully crude.

If this was not intended to be some kind of joke, like a parody on making a movie, then it failed there as well. And if the writer/director was seriously trying to make a movie, then he and all who participated, should be properly embarrassed.

My advice to all who were part of this thing: Don't quit your day are going to need it.

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 2 / 10


The heroine is Tomi Shaw (Hawk), a bartender who gets a call one night, summoning her back to the family home, a six-hour drive away. Her mother has shot her father, then turned the gun on herself. However, it's not long after her arrival back to the small town in question, that the circumstances of her parents' deaths come into question.

I should have known within 5 minutes this was going to be a complete potato. The acting was flat, the script was poor, the editing was appalling as was continuity. Scenes would fade out without us seeing what was happening, and scenes would cut in with no explanation of where or what they were.

I had no idea who some people were and that appalling music...loud melodramatic music when it wasn't even needed.

The writer needs to go back to writing school and the director needs to get a job in McDonalds where his skills will better serve him.

Don't waste even 5 minutes on this potato, you will regret it.

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