Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers


Action / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 499 499


Top cast

Danny Griffin as Jesse Whyte
Ali Skovbye as Emma Vanderbilt-Cross
John Prowse as Mason
Mark Humphrey as Cornelius
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pgreywacz-500-46798 5 / 10


I hope if there are more of the movies developed from one of my favorite book series the characters will be stronger. I am not happy with the actors that are playing most of these parts. I know people say all the time that it doesn't know how we imagined these characters to be. If more are made, when nothing has changed, I won't be watching more of these movies. Hopefully they just need to get into the parts better. Emma's character in the books are much stronger. I'm sure it isn't the actors problem as much as it is the writers. I guess I just expected more. I expected more from Hallmark movies and mysteries.

Reviewed by PrepUofA 4 / 10

At least film it at the Breakers!!

Hallmark did a wonderful job with A Biltmore Christmas, filming on location at the Biltmore in NC. I was sad to find out watching this movie, they did not even bothered to film it at the Breakers. Such a magnificent site to see in person. That would have been a saving grace for this bland and slow paced movie. Instead they filmed at the well played out castle in Canada. Aka Lex Luther's house in Smallville and a bunch of other shows.

I saw this series of books at the gift shops at those famous Newport mansion and they are on my list to read. Definitely so now after reading the other reviews that mention how good the books are compared to this movie.

Reviewed by theRealKidneythief 1 / 10

A Gilded Mess

I was really looking forward to this but after 15 minutes realized it was a mess on every level. The main character is completely unbelievable as a "detective" and she slogs through her dialogue. Most of the characters are wooden and going through the motions. Reactions to events are shockingly unrealistic (a guy falls to his death and our MC doesn't even blink or act startled. She jaunts over to the body and asks "Mr Goddard?" as blood pours from his head)

In another instance a man is lying on the floor, clearly having been knocked out but it takes our genius MC hours to notice a bump on his head and she's very proud of herself for figuring out he was attacked along with the murder victim. Ummm... wouldn't the guy know if he was hit over the head?? Just ask him!

As others have mentioned, the class system of the era is completely ignored. It seems Hallmark has period costumes on hand so they think that makes for a good period movie.

This mess proves that it doesn't.

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