Gangs of Godavari

2024 [TELUGU]

Action / Crime / Drama / History

IMDb Rating 5.0/10 10 681 681

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Anjali as Rathnamala
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abphadore 5 / 10

A Familiar Tale of Blood and Bravado

"Gangs of Godavari" attempts to weave a tale of power, revenge, and survival, set against the rustic backdrop of rural India. However, despite its ambitious scope, the film struggles to break free from the shadows of recent blockbusters like "Pushpa," ultimately delivering an experience that feels overly familiar and disappointingly predictable.

Plot Summary The storyline revolves around the rise and fall of a man caught in the web of crime, politics, and personal vendettas. This narrative is all too reminiscent of "Pushpa" and other recent films that have explored similar themes. The protagonist's journey, from a small-time hustler to a feared gang leader, is marred by over-the-top violence and a lack of originality. The repetitive cycle of betrayal, revenge, and bloodshed quickly becomes tiresome.

Acting Performances The performances from the cast are decidedly average, failing to elevate the film beyond its cliched script. Vishwak Sen, known for his intense performances, delivers a portrayal that lacks the depth and intensity required for such a gritty role. His character feels more like a caricature of the tough, brooding anti-hero, rather than a nuanced character.

Anjali and Neha Shetty bring competence to their roles but are ultimately underutilized. Anjali's character lacks substantial development, making her presence more ornamental than impactful. Neha Shetty, similarly, does not get enough screen time to make a significant impression. The supporting cast, though competent, does little to add any significant dimension to the story.

Direction and Cinematography Venu Udugula's direction is competent but uninspired. The film's pacing is uneven, with prolonged sequences of violence that seem to exist more for shock value than narrative necessity. The cinematography, while capturing the raw, rugged landscape effectively, cannot compensate for the lack of a coherent story.

Storyline and Themes The film's narrative structure is its biggest flaw. The plot feels like a patchwork of scenes from other successful films, lacking a unique voice or perspective. The themes of power struggle and revenge are well-worn tropes that "Gangs of Godavari" fails to reinterpret in any meaningful way. Instead, it leans heavily on gratuitous violence to keep the audience engaged, often at the expense of character development and plot coherence.

Over-the-Top Violence One of the film's defining features is its relentless, over-the-top violence. While this may appeal to fans of the genre, it often feels excessive and gratuitous. The brutality overshadows the story, reducing the film to a series of bloody confrontations rather than a compelling narrative.

Conclusion "Gangs of Godavari" is a film that promises much but delivers little. Its reliance on a tried-and-tested formula results in a predictable and uninspired experience. The over-the-top violence and average acting performances further detract from the film's potential impact. While it might find an audience among those who enjoy high-octane action and rustic gangster dramas, it fails to stand out in a crowded genre.

In summary, "Gangs of Godavari" is a missed opportunity. It echoes too closely the themes and styles of recent hits like "Pushpa," without bringing anything new or noteworthy to the table. For those seeking a fresh and engaging story, this film is likely to disappoint.

Reviewed by Moviebuff_Chennai 4 / 10

Cringes of Godavari

Very poor movie. Before release there was a stage controversy from actor Balakrishna who pushed Anjali and that could have been a promotion to the movie. The trailer and director may claim this as a gangster movie but really is it'??

The 2 stars is for Yuvan Shankar Raja BGM as it was ultimate. Vishwak Sen is very new to me and I see him first and his appearance is good for a gangster movie. Heroines Anjali and Neha appears in many scenes and both are there to accompany vishwak Sen on screen. Villains are many and ultimately there to lose to the hero. No villain made an impactful performance.

There are absolutely no logic in the movie and the story is not through a point at all. All scenes are happening like a set of individual plot points and their combination doesn't look like a movie at all. There is no emotional factors to feel into the movie as everyone is a negative character and literally I watched like a stone.

I understand that KGF and Pushpa has inspired the audience and after those 2 all the directors think to give something like that and only end up garbage....

Reviewed by best-review 4 / 10


The story feels pretty routine, bringing back memories of many older films, and the presentation isn't fresh either. The narration fails to engage, especially in the second half, and the screenplay is a bit dull overall. However, the pre-interval segment is good, and the lorry fight scene, reminiscent of the movie "Khaidi," is also well done. Unfortunately, the climax falls flat.

Vishwak Sen gives a decent performance, with a good look, though his dialogue delivery could use improvement.

Anjali delivers a strong performance, with a character that reminds us of Sex Bomb Anasuya from "Rangasthalam." Neha Shetty has a small but important role and does okay.

The antagonists needed to be more serious and menacing.

The background score is lacking, and most of the songs are forgettable except for one.

On the brighter side, the cinematography is good. However, the direction is below average.

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