Fun in Acapulco


Comedy / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57% · 7 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51% · 5K ratings
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Teri Garr as Hotel Guest
Elvis Presley as Mike Windgren
Ursula Andress as Marguerita Dauphin
Mary Treen as Mrs Stevers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beauzee 6 / 10

fun in Acapulco in Hollywood

coulda-shoulda(s): Elvis is King of Pop and King of shoulda-wouldas > since so much of his '60s career was based upon movies and move soundtracks, we have a perfect example of what coulda shoulda woulda been: in 1962 Elvis traveled to the Seattle World's Fair to film IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR. in 1963 Elvis traveled to Mexico to film FUN IN ACAPULCO. not really > he had traveled to Canada before, so the excuse of his Manager not being a citizen and therefore couldn't travel, won't take.

so the movie co. gets down some nice location shots for cheesy rear projections.

having said all that, we have some positives: yes Elvis played once again the loner, fighting inner demons, and outer angels (aka girls, girls, girls). but the storyline is quite enticing: can this young man, playing lifeguard during the day and nightclub swinger at night, manage to overcome his fear of heights and do the big dive off the cliff? good storytelling! very good script (for an Elvis musical). and very importantly, although there are way too many songs, they are all good, some fantastic, like MARGARITA (written by noted ballad writer, Don Roberson), and the unknown Leiber and Stoller BOSSA NOVA BABY. Elvis really sings his heart out and we have the most "production" since the BLUE HAWAII recording sessions.

Reviewed by HarryLags 6 / 10

Good time to be had in Acapulco.

Released in 1963, "Fun in Acapulco" stars Elvis Presley as a lifeguard/singer at a ritzy Mexican resort who stirs the interest of two women and rivalry of a Mexican diver. Fun in Acapulco is an amusing musical/comedy directed by Richard Thorpe, the same director from 'Jailhouse Rock'.

It plays out exactly as you expect and production values waver from scene to scene. But there's nearly always something cheery about Presley's movies, and this one is no different. If you can accept them for what they are, and ignore what a shame that Presley's early acting promise wasn't fulfilled? Then there's a good time to be had in Acapulco.

The acting is good,a good fun story line and great singing make for a very enjoyable 95 mins. Recommended to all regardless of whether you're an Elvis fan or not. After all, how can you say no to Acapulco And Elvis...

Reviewed by EdgarST 7 / 10

Guadalajara in Acapulco

I would probably have never watched this film if it were not for a little old lady who often calls to the film archive where I work and asks for movies starring French actor Maurice Ronet (who is her favorite star), and strange choices as Don Sharp's "Rasputin, the Mad Monk" or this Elvis Presley's vehicle. Surprisingly I enjoyed watching it as "zero degree style" as it is, and now I believe that this is one of Presley's best vehicles of the early sixties. It has a formulaic story that does not demand much from viewers, most of the songs are forgettable and corny, and back projection and sound stage decors do not match well with such a magnificently sunny location as Acapulco. But somehow it works: Presley, kid Larry Domasin and leading ladies Ursula Andress and Elsa Cárdenas all seem to enjoy what they are doing (and make fun of themselves, as in the musical number in which Presley finishes a ridiculous song with a matador cape wrapping his head) , and screenwriter Allan Weiss surely knows how to keep us viewers smiling at every new move by orphan Raoul (Domasin) to get trapeze-artist- in-crisis Mike (Presley, that is) back in shape. Richard Thorpe (who also directed "Jailhouse Rock") moves things efficiently until the grand finale in which the trapeze artist sings... "Guadalajara" in Spanish. I could not understand a word, but it was fun to watch "The King" (at his handsomest) trying hard.

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