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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by willchristopherson-65681 4 / 10

Could have been fun but ended up not

When the movie started, I was really enjoying it. My friend was talking and it bugged me because I found I wanted to be engaged - even if the concept was a bit silly or whatever, on the face. I thought the first reveal of the Frogman was fun, and was looking forward to the rest of it.

But found footage films are all about the thrill of immersion - feeling like this somehow could be real. If it's done right, it can make something average feel very impactful (see - Blair Witch Project). Unfortunately, Frogman suffers from some bad acting at times, but especially from 'film effects' that don't make sense. If we're watching 'found film' it doesn't make sense within the world of the movie to have glitches and flashbacks and psychological effects - so you get pulled out immediately. Unfortunately the end of the movie suffers a lot from this so I found the ending just a letdown because of it. It's too bad, cuz I wanted it to be good.

Reviewed by mbrimb 1 / 10

Chuck The Movie Guy is a Grifter

Chuck the Movie Guy on TikTok recommended this poorly acted, terribly paced, and awful found footage movie. He pushed this garbage for weeks to get people to rent it and it was awful. The guy is a conman. Look, I'm not a smart man but I know when I'm being fed a bunch of BS. I rented this movie off a bunch of recs from social media people (the ringleader was Chuck the movie guy) that got an early viewing of it. All of them said it was a "banger" "slaps" or "fantastic" lol no it most certainly was not. Air was awful. The people that saw this early must have gotten paid of getting something in return to hype this up because again, it was GOD AWFUL. Don't waste your money. I will never again rent any movie based off of a rec because they got an advanced copy of it. This was awful and this score is at an 8 right not and will most assuredly will DROP to a 2 or 3 within a month when actual viewers review this movie like me instead of friends and family giving it a 10. Junk movie.

Reviewed by kmkevinn-64733 7 / 10

Frogman Rules

Great ending.....if you can take the slow ride to get there. It felt like it was trying to replicate the feeling of The Blair Witch Project, however, where this movie fails is in the lack of creepiness leading up to the final 20 min or so. TBWP was able to maintain a level of erieness throughout, whereas this was a FF movie of a guy and his friends taking a trip to a mediocre town in the middle of nowhere until it didn't almost an hour into the movie. It is a slow burn food footage film but I can promise you, stay till the third act for a slight change.

In conclusion: Frogman is the cryptid found footage movie of my dreams. It's not afraid to be silly and acknowledge how silly its premise is, while also crafting some gnarly body horror that'll leave your jaw on the floor. Cousins proves found footage creature features are possible, and I couldn't be more excited to see what he makes next. The first through middle second act, yes it does makes you bored plus slow burns to when it is just a guy in a suit that is frogman. When you'll get to the third act, that's when it changes your rating of your personal watch experience.

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