Fresh Kills


Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91% · 22 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 96% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.7/10 10 521 521

Top cast

Jennifer Esposito as Francine Larusso
Annabella Sciorra as Christine
Odessa Adlon as Connie
Domenick Lombardozzi as Joe Larusso
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by famousjax 5 / 10

Acting is good but needed a stronger story

Ok I love supporting small films, Especially when they surprise me. Now this one was a little bit of a mess. They were trying to establish the sister strong bond so you're unsure if you're following the sisters or father or the mother like where is this leading so it's kind of everywhere for a awhile and you're just trying to figure out the story. I think they should have delved into the fathers violent life and shown that a little bit more to get the gist of what the girls are not realizing the family that their in BUT acting is good. They needed a better story but the ending scene was fantastic, very strong scene between mother and daughter and whoever picked the song did an excellent job. I've never heard the song but it's was perfect for that scene. I probably rewound it three times just to watch the final scene. That was really fantastic. Kudos to you guys for doing that. In the last moment, it really all comes together of a mom who should've done that along time ago and the look between mother and daughter was the love and understanding that passed between them. I hope this crew does more movies just work on getting a better story.

Reviewed by kimby_kb 7 / 10

Fresh Kills: A fresh and perspective shifting film.

Fresh Kills reaches through the established perimeters of a well-known genre to extract a sympathetic, gut-wrenching, and at times abrasive look into the lives of the typically obscured wives and daughters of the mob. Well written, well cast, with convincing production design and on location shooting, Fresh Kills fairly exhales the atmosphere of 1980/1990s Staten Island, NY. First-time writer/director Jennifer Esposito handles the reins with aptitude and steers the narrative in a way that invites the viewer to not only empathize with the women on screen but to relate to the challenges they face in bearing the burden of their predetermined roles. Authentic performances by the cast flesh out the on-screen characters and leave indelible impressions of their existence that won't fade when the credits roll. Fresh Kills is a notable film. Not perfect- but good. Very, very good.

Reviewed by vinceb-71112 7 / 10

Great first effort, I enjoyed a lot about it

I was lucky enough to catch the premier at the cinequest film festival. I love the idea of a mob movie told from perspective of the women it affects. The anxiety, the danger, the violence. As with the men the idea of not being able to walk away and protecting the family that exposes you to so much trauma and heartache is a powerful study. Visually it's beautiful and captures the era. Great camera work, effects, and costume design. I've never seen the lead in anything else but she makes the movie.... The lack of dialogue she tells a story with her eyes. The sister played by Pamela aldon daughter was dope she was like the female version of Pac in Juice. I guess my only critiques would be the lack of music in the first act, the rushed pacing together to the climax, and how quickly the climactic event got us over tue finish line. I wish In The best part of the film there was more remorse from shown from the father. All in all Jennifer Espisoto did a great job. It was a great first film that I highly recommend.

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