Freak Out

2015 [HEBREW]

Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.1/10 10 314 314


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 3 / 10

Barely Made it Though

"Freak Out" is a foreign film (in Hebrew with English sub-titles) about four soldiers who have been tagged for patrolling an out-in-the-middle- of-nowhere post. One (Matan) is constantly pranked by all the others, and some of those pranks are just plain mean-spirited. He is singled out because the others decide he is the weakest and, well, they want to make a man out of him.

Their non-stop shenanigans take up just about the entire length of the film. By the time something actually starts to happen, the movie is just about over. There are no back-stories on ANY of the characters, and since the director never bothered to give any of his characters a soul, I really didn't care what happened to them.

Unrated but contains adult situations, language, and violence.

Reviewed by bemyfriend-40184 9 / 10

Israeli Apocalypse Now

Loved it. An Israeli Apocalypse Now. An Israeli parallel to the US Vietnam War. Watch this movie.

Reviewed by PutneyTrope 8 / 10

Well-made, tense military mystery slight supernatural undertones & dark humor.

Israel/Palestinian tension infused mystery drama. Unique take on the empty military base setting. It's set up to be a horror just takes it's time before revealing what kind of horror. It's an illustration of military bro-culture and toxic masculinity. The story is solid enough and employs enough misdirection to keep things interesting without being overtly manipulative. The lead character feels like a genuine enough human. We get immediately dragged along on his journey and his questions and concerns become our own. There isn't a moment without some elevated level of tension...yet it's a pretty laid back film in how things are presented. Itay Zvolon definitely stood out as the lead. Zvolon was responsible for most of the delivery of the dark, dry humor. I enjoyed it all the way through. Common tropes were handled well. The biggest cliché was, thankfully, the end credit sequence. The handling of music was uneven overall...but there were some great songs included!

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