Frankenstein: Legacy


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Michelle Ryan as Lady Charlotte
Katie Sheridan as Clara Browning
Juliet Aubrey as Millicent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

This was indeed a dud...

Needless to say that the 2024 movie "Frankenstein: Legacy" was a movie that had snuck in under the radar undetected. And I happened to come across it by random chance, and thus opted to sit down and watch it. I have to admit, blatantly though, that I harbored zero expectations to writers Paul Dudbridge and Jim Griffin, because the classic Mary Shelley story have been interpreted a tad too many times on the screen, and mostly with subpar result.

The storyline in the movie was dull one, to say the least. There wasn't a whole lot of anything interesting happening, and it was more of a period-set drama than a thriller. And that was quite a disappointment.

I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress on the cast list. And that is, believe it or not, actually something that appeals to me when I watch a movie; as there is no association to previously portrayed characters in other movies. The acting performances in "Frankenstein: Legacy" were actually fair enough, despite the fact that the actors and actresses had next to nothing to work with.

The CGI in the movie was pretty atrocious for a movie made in 2024; it looked like something from the early 2000s. So having lousy CGI effects definitely didn't help to lift up the movie. And a movie such as what director Paul Dudbridge was trying to deliver here with "Frankenstein: Legacy" needs proper and convincing special effects. And the movie just simply didn't have that, and the end result was a subpar movie.

Ultimately a swing and a miss of a movie, and not one I would recommend for horror fans to rush out and get to watch. In fact, I might actually say that you shouldn't waste your time, money and effort on this movie, especially if you are a fan of the original work of Mary Shelley. Some of us suffered through the 101 minutes, so you don't have to; you're welcome.

My rating of "Frankenstein: Legacy" lands on a three out of ten stars.

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 2 / 10

Two Writers Gets THIS?

From the start it's clear this is a VERY cheaply made movie. They get an old house, dress some people up in period costumes and get out the digital camera.

It sure isn't Universal's Frankenstein. Heck, it's not even Hammer's Frankenstein.

The writing is really bad and the directing is amateurish. Perhaps because of a low budget that require a lot of close up so you don't see the surroundings.

It tries to be a serious effort but its all bogged down by a complete lack of talent for all involved.

Not sure why they bothered to make this movie. The concept might be OK but it really requires a bigger budget and better writing and acting to make it work!.

Reviewed by randomtask-738-402514 8 / 10

Frankenstein Legacy........"It's alive"

Frankenstein Legacy offers a new entry into the Frankenstein saga. The story is engaging, intriguing and taps into the obsession of bringing the dead back to life, at any cost.

The film punches above its budget (much like director Paul Dudbridge's other gothic adventure 'Fear the Invisible Man'). Sets, costumes and locations are all true to the period. Performances are solid and committed. There's a great score and some fantastic VFX work (great rat). There are some great scenes that are captured beautifully by the camera, making the most of the stunning locations.

Paul Dudbridge has made another solid feature film, offering a new take on classic material. There's a confidence in the direction and it brings out the performances of the leading actors.

What you get here is a solid take on the Frankenstein legend. The story sits well in the saga and is an entertaining entry. The look and tone is spot on and the final climax hits with an emotional punch.

Well done to all involved, always great to see independent features being made, making the most of the UK talent and our beautiful locations.

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