Framed by My Husband



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Victoria Dunsmore as Wendy Bach
Dan Payne as Rick Lowe
Christine Chatelain as June Lowe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by firebolt-05517 1 / 10

It left me completely bamboozled!

I've seen my fair share of silly Lifetime movies, so I didn't hesitate to lump this movie along with some of the silliest that I've ever seen. The movie had me intrigued in the beginning because I really wanted to see exactly how the scenario would be resolved. However, I was left feeling like an idiot for sticking around to finish it. It's not even a "so bad it's good" kind of Lifetime movie and those are some of my favorites! Long story short, both the protagonist and her sister make some the most dumbfounded decisions I've ever seen in a Lifetime flick. Definitely not worth a rewatch.

Reviewed by VeganVag 1 / 10

Lifetime Channel...

Why insult your viewers with such ridiculously implausible movies where the women are always made to be incredibly stupid?! Not even an animated film would be this bad when it comes to reality.

Oh, dang it! My channel just changed before it finished? Maybe the wife, who is now only hiding under a cap, could figure it out in the manner she became a detective out of the blue, after thinking it was smart to pay off an unknown extortionist?? Lol.

Btw, what's with Lifetime Channel always hiring unattractive POC to play detectives, especially the women? Both actors were obviously hired based on their appearance, which I totally find, in and of itself, very suspicious in a demeaning type of way.

Reviewed by mja58 6 / 10

Title should have been 'Framed by the Scumbag"

I saw this for the first time tonight on the LMN Network, and I thought it was an O. K. time waster.

As per usual, this was held in the "Lifetime Universe" were all sorts of weird situations happen, such as:

1. The wife's character being so naive as to do her husband's dirty work by paying the blackmailers.

2. The wife being accused of murder based on FLIMSY evidence. (Lifetime should consult with the HLN Network for some credibility).

3. The husband being so reprehensible - definitely a SCUMBAG!!

Note: There were several scenes depicting violence against women (including what appeared to be rapes), which I found disturbing,


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