Four More Years

2010 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.3/10 10 1446 1.4K


Top cast

Adam Lundgren as Flirtande sevitör
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by niwde2 3 / 10

It's entertaining, but biphobic

I really liked the premisse of the movie. It's awesome that it's in the core just a movie about two men falling in love. There are two strange things in this movie though. And one huge problem.

One is the way their relationship blows up. One of them is being seduced by an ex. The other sees this and thinks he is being cheated on, and leaves without letting know he saw this. The strange thing is that it seems no problem later on. Without it being clarified. But maybe I missed something.

The other strange point is about the sexless relationship between David and Fia. It's brought up by Fia and it was a surprise for David? Really?

And que the biphobia. And that's such a game changer! A movie about a minority not simply erasing another minority, but even having a lead character say "it doesn't exist". Martin saying this could be ok, but he's not challenged. Even though David says that not true, he hasitates.

Even more, it's followed up by the scene where we find out that David is in a sexless marriage and therefore is not bisexual. Making the words of Martin become reality. Making this the worst kind of erasure: erasing knowingly and actively. And the latter is discrimination.

Reviewed by cijtwzhhh 6 / 10

Okey but not really good

This is a story about love between two men, one is a right wing and the other is a left wing politician. It's a new stage but the same story we've seen many times before. And the directing by Tova Magnusson-Norling is nothing to applaud.

Björn Kjellman and Eric Ericson are both good actors, but there is a lack of chemistry between them.

This can be a good film for the everyday-family who doesn't want to see too much of a love story between two men. But if you want to see a movie with more depth and a movie who dare to show more of the sexual nature between homosexuals, then this is not the right movie.

Reviewed by Jonas1969 8 / 10

A nice little movie - but not for the homophobic

This is more drama than comedy but it does have it's comic moments. Mostly it's a drama about forbidden love and self discovery set against the backdrop of Swedish politics.

Björn Kjellman is great as the politician who gets lost when his political career is floundering and finds that most of what he thought his life was about is false. If you are uncomfortable with men kissing you may want to give this a pass, but there is no gratuitous nudity or sex.

All in all it was a surprisingly good understated comedy that is a great way to spend 90 minutes.

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