Forgotten Love

2023 [POLISH]

Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.5/10 10 10011 10K


Top cast

Ignacy Liss as Count Leszek Czynski
Leszek Lichota as Professor Rafal Wilczur / Antoni Kosiba
Maria Kowalska as Maria Jolanta Wilczur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sevilaksanoglu 8 / 10


The film attracts your attention with its emotional depth. While we follow what is happenning to Doctor Wilczur, we also witness the warm, hopeful love story of Marysia and Count Czynski. The cinematography, set design and music are quite impressive. Peaceful rural landscapes, villages, peasants... Everything and everyone in this movie is very native and convincing, every scene reveals the hard work done. The performances of the lead actors Leszek Lichota and Maria Kowalska add originality to their characters, I admire both of them pretty much. My only negative comment about the movie is that the ending seemed a bit rushed, they could have made a great mini-series from this movie..

Reviewed by KFstudios2009 9 / 10

Well Done Drama?

Forgotten Love, is a movie about a man that lose his mind, by an attack, and everyone thinks he is dead. When we see him fifteen years later, no-one knows who he really is. He doesn't know either, but becomes a very good helping person in a little, polish village. Forgotten love was from my point of view very good. It was so emotional, and just so well done drama, as well as the actors, and that they showed that you have to help others, and what the differences between the poor and the rich were. It was very funny, I laughed multiple times across the movie. The scenography and the pictures were very well done, and very well filmed, the director of Photography did a good job with that. The old-stylish buildings and the green beautiful nature was a nice look for the eye. As well as the acting, Leszek Lichota was just amazing, he played so real and with such feeling and emotion, the mans dramatic journey was just so well presented, and it was so well leaded by Leszek. The dialogues and the script were well written by Marcin Baczynski and Mariusz Kuczewski, and absolutely amazingly directed by Michal Gazda. I can't really argue on anything, started slowly, but later on it was building up more and more. The characters were well introduced. The man that lose his mind, was called Antoni in the movie. He forgot everything and as I mentioned, Leszek did a so good job at acting if something like that really happened to him. The love couple that struggled many times, Leszek and Marysia, was showed nostalgic and their characters was showed simply, but they definitely showed one important thing, that they loved each other very much. Leszek had a strict and non acceptable mother, who didn't like Marysia. And that women, her hate to her looked real, and her strict rules and angry face did her job extra good. So to conclude everything, Forgotten love was a well done drama. A very good polish movie, that I can recommend for everyone, except younger children, because of some violence and bloody images, that can be bad for a young eye. But beside that, I think everyone should watch it, very good, very funny and very emotional, I just have too watch the original one and compare this two, and then I will see which one will be the best.

Reviewed by JohnDeSando 10 / 10

An epic tale beautifully adapted by Netflix.

Forgotten Love is a pre-war Polish epic that belongs in the company of Les Misérables, Dr. Zhivago, and Gone with the Wind, to name a few of the grand stories that depict love, its loss, its renewal, and the effects it has over generations of families and countries. This Netflix third adaptation of a cherished classic novel, The Quack, brings freshness, period perfect costumes, and production design for a complete cinematic experience.

A renowned surgeon loses his memory after an attempted robbery in a dark street. Lost and confused, he roams the country for decades not knowing who he is or whatever happened to the little daughter his estranged wife stole from him. His love in this dynamic period piece is both for his lost daughter and his lost occupation, which once made him the top brain surgeon in the country but now catapults him from the upper class to the lower.

Director Michal Gazda quietly shows in a series of remarkably affecting scenes how this lost man saves lives without knowing why and comes closer to finding his daughter than he could ever realize. While his amnesia is persistent, the film shows how something as deeply felt as a gifted skill and its passion manifest even without realizing it. Lesek Lichota gently plays the heroic Doctor Wilczur with such finesse and understatement that none can deny his greatness.

After a few improbable incidents, including Polish magical realism, the doctor emerges. Along the way, the film emphasizes the class divide through the secondary romance of the doctor's daughter, Maria (Maria Kowalska) with Count Czynski (Mikolaj Grabowski).

A society that can deny peasants' medical needs and thwart the integration of love between those boundaries reveals a cruelty that only heroes like the doctor and his daughter can overcome. The film consistently emphasizes the class divide and its attendant injustices.

While Forgotten Love at times evokes tears in the delicacy of love forsaken, the film grounds itself in the reality of lost love and class warfare to the dramatic extent that reconciliations might not happen, so determined fate seems to be to deny happiness and, most of all, love.

Forgotten Love is one of the best international films of the year that satisfies our need for romance in art that leaves us happy to be human.

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