For Sale


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by townsendra 6 / 10

Better than Expected

I saw For Sale and thought I'd give it a watch and it turned out it was a pretty good little film. Yes, it is a "B" movie, but the acting is pretty good and there are some scares, but nothing horrifying. This is more of a horror rather than a comedy, although there are some light humor interspersed here and there. This one won't win any awards, but the production values were decent. The ending is also a bit sad but I'd have to say right on the money for the type of guy the protagonist is. It is sort of a redemption ending, which tied things together pretty well, considering some of the actions of the protagonist took and it seemed "realistic" in terms of consequences.

Reviewed by Kilroy5150 6 / 10

A little typical at first but it gets interesting about halfway...

It start off kinda boring. A typical huslter salesman that loses his job and ends up trying to sell houses and, you can tell, the guy who hires him knows what is going on.

Once the ghosts start showing up, it get unintentionally funny but still holds the "scary" movie vibe. Once the medium gets involved, it starts getting better.

It's a haunted house movie, with a definite twist. It took me a minute to figure out what was really going on but it started to make sense and then the movie was more enjoyable.

It's strange, it kinda reminds me of another horror movie plot twist i've seen before in another movie.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

Devoid of horror and comedy...

Suffice it to say that I had never heard about the 2024 horror comedy "For Sale" prior to sitting down to watch it. But given my love of all things horror, and with this being a horror comedy that I hadn't already seen, of course I opted to sit down and watch the movie.

Writers Jordan Friedberg and Christopher Schrack had every opportunity to impress and entertain me here, because I harbored zero expectations to the movie, as I virtually didn't know what I was in for here. However, I have to say that the movie was stale and monotonous. It was greatly lacking in both horror and comedy genres, making it a rather bland and pointless movie to sit through. And it didn't help much that the narrative was sluggish and nothing much of anything worthwhile happened throughout the course of the 115 minutes that the movie ran for.

Of course I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble in the movie. The acting performances were fair, but nothing outstanding or particularly memorable though. While I do tend to enjoy watching movies with unfamiliar talents and faces on the screen, then "For Sale" just didn't win me over.

Visually then you're not in for any memorable treats here, as "For Sale" was a movie that ran on a minimal amount of special effects. Whatever little effects were in the movie were passable, though.

Running at 115 minutes and without nothing interesting happening, it was bordering on being torture sitting through this movie from director Christopher Schrack. It could seriously have benefitted from a generous trim in the editing room. The movie is just too long and slow paced to make it entertaining sitting through.

If you enjoy horror comedies, I wouldn't recommend that you waste 115 minutes of sitting through "For Sale". Some of us virtually suffered through this so you don't have to. You're very welcome.

My rating of "For Sale" lands on a very generous three out of ten stars, and that is based mostly on the production value of the movie.

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