Flesh Wounds


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 5%
IMDb Rating 2.8/10 10 714 714


Top cast

Bokeem Woodbine as Jackie
Kevin Sorbo as Tyler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Patient444 2 / 10

Sorbo, oh Sorbo!

Everybody here is saying that this movie is a Predator copycat! And they are 100% right! Shameful movie, truly shameful, I couldn't believe how much alike it really is! So here we go, the camera work, is pure amateur style! You will not believe how bad it can be! After it, the acting. Waaait, I have to rephrase, after it, the "acting". Dear God, low budget must really mean bad actors too? Is there no one out there that would like to start in a movie with just a tad bit of talent? After this, the lines, hohoo, laughing out loud! And worse of all, the plot itself! You're going to see so many things that are simply out of this world dumb! Some chases without any kind of logic, some moments that you're praying for the movie to end right then and of course the, thing itself.

Only if you are a Sorbo fan, then I can recommend this movie to you. Only reason I watched it. But seriously, this is pure garbage. A Predator copycat can be fun, but please by all means, stay away from this one, it's bad in every way possible! I don't know, try Walk Tall 2, it has Sorbo and it is rather nice! Regards!

Reviewed by mdcordova-1 3 / 10

Visually great- the rest is slop

This would be a 2 if not for the beautiful and interesting cinematography. The acting might have been good with a better script. So close to the Predator film it is funny;

This includes the one small female in with truck sized male commandos, deep jungles, mowing down of said jungle while shooting at the invisible " predator" character. They even hear the Predator howl in pain in the distance while it is repairing itself.

The female commando is smart and capable, and takes no c*** from the men.

Some of the dialog is amusing but the whole film tends to be a gore/shoot/stab feast and overly Macho.

Reviewed by Sweetsnpoppy2000 2 / 10

Yet Another Predator Remake

Okay to watch if you are REALLY BORED and have run out of all other options, short of watching paint dry on a wall. This is a typical Predator-like remake with a group of awful actors and a couple of has beens,Kevin Sorbo(Hercules) and Bokeem Woodbine playing a ragtag group of "Black Ops" with a tag along "bad Azz" woman bureacrat who served in Nam etc. The woman character cycles between I'm tougher than nails and oops I broke a nail and a male black ops character that loves to use Southern clichés and dialect and cool phrases like "slicker than seaweed dipped in catfish grease." I've seen worse films but this is pretty awful. The Governator couldn't save this Predator remake.

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