Five Grand


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller / Western

IMDb Rating 4.9/10 10 138 138

Top cast

Eric Roberts as Marshal Denton J Cartwright
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by screenwriter-972-149612 5 / 10

The Dumbest Outlaws...and Lawmen in the old west.

First the good news. There's more than a little bit of tension and even some excitement in 'Five Grand'. And the scenery shots are good too. The acting, though uneven, isn't bad., the outlaws and their trackers have to be the dumbest people ever to be a success at their calling. They let potential killers live, golden moments to escape or capture their prey slip through their fingers and always...and I mean always...make the wrong decision when it comes to saving their own lives. Oh, and there's lots and lot of hard to believe coincidences too. Way too much. I'd add a few spoilers in as examples, but I'm holding back.

It's a mess that can only be enjoyed if the viewer simply doesn't apply any logic to any of it.

Reviewed by dcnilsen 10 / 10

low budget-high drama

it seems this movie is one that almost nobody has seen...and that is a real shame, because despite the obvious low budget, it is a western masterpiece of making the most out of the least available...another reviewer says you might be bored waiting for something to happen..did he watch the same movie??..the main character, a thief who robbed gold from a train with his brothers, goes from one circumstance to another in the film, and all of these situations end with someone being killed...I don't call that is surprisingly realistic and pay close attention to the sound track because the movies music is brilliant...I have now watched this film 4 times, and it gets better each time...I rank it one of my all time favorite westerns....and I think you will too...check it out on youtube...this movie is a classic as far as I am concerned...and I don't play games when it comes to rating movies

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 5 / 10

That's five bullets

Jasper Mudd (Orson Ossman) is a train robber who made off with a real hefty amount. He is pursued by Federal Marshal Denton J Cartwright (Eric Roberts) who is billed as the star, but dies in the first scene and doesn't even appear in a flashback. Our protagonist becomes the killer/thief who is being followed by an unlikable special agent (Chris Voss). He does the Josh Brolin "Labor Day" thing for a spell, but then moves on.

The film has a few decent scenes while at the same time felt slow. While Jasper fights with a gun, the title "The Gunfighter" is misleading. IMDb has "Five Grand" as the title, the price on Mudd's head. The acting wasn't half bad. Characters seemed good. The action scenes just didn't make it.

Made up trivia: Jasper Mudd is the direct ancestor of Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

Guide: No swearing, sex. or nudity.

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