Ferocious Planet


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.8/10 10 2180 2.2K


Top cast

John Rhys-Davies as Senator Jackson Crenshaw
Catherine Walker as Dr. Karen Fast
Joe Flanigan as Colonel Sam Synn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sjhm 4 / 10


On paper this looks like a good time waster, dependable lead, monsters, some kind of 'Science' twist. Believe me all the elements are there. Joe Flanigan reprising his man of action role (something he does very well), John Rhys-Davies reprising his stock nasty-man character that he has been trotting out in B movies for years (Anaconda III and IV anyone), even some choice one-liners along for the ride, enjoyed the Jaws reference but really it needed a bigger scene to be effective. And that is precisely the problem with this, it doesn't quite deliver in all the essential areas. The cast do their best, but the script is very sadly lacking in tension or even a real sense of urgency, and you just know stupid people are going to do stupid things for all sorts of completely ridiculous and illogical reasons. The other problem with the script is that far too many ideas come from other, much better, movies. Seriously, if you are going to borrow from other films, particularly famous ones, try to give the ideas some kind of original twist. If you can stay the distance you find yourself noting down all the stuff you've seen before and where you have seen it. I bought this because I like creature features and I like Joe Flanigan, he has an insouciant style which comes off as effortless and invests the characters he plays with a certain devil-may-care charm. Unfortunately here, he really has nothing to work with so it's all very much painting by numbers. Really, if you have absolutely nothing better to do, you can have a little fun spotting all the bits they pinched from other films (and let me emphasise a LITTLE FUN), but otherwise adds nothing to the canon of creature features, sci-fi movies, or action and adventure.

Reviewed by peteranderson975 4 / 10

Don't poke the alien

This is a film made for the cable television channel SyFy which is probably as much information as you need to judge how good this film is.

Synopsis: A group of people are gathered in an underground laboratory in a Federal building, including scientists, military and politicians to see a presentation of an experiment into viewing other dimensions. There is an accident and instead of just viewing another dimension the whole lab is ripped out of our dimension and dumped into a parallel dimension populated only by plants and giant carnivorous CGI monsters. The survivors must find a way to repair the machine that brought them here and escape the ferocious creatures.

As always seems to be the case with SyFy channel films, the problem lies in the writing. An accident in experiment is one of the laziest and most ham-fisted plot devices in cheap science fiction.The CGI monsters are good enough for the price but there's no attempt to set them in a believable ecosystem. What do the creatures eat when there are no humans? The writer uses idiocy as a plot device in different ways to kill off characters either through arrogance, fear or greed.

Overall this was a mediocre and lazy film. I can't fault any of the actors too much since they were competent enough with what they had to work with. Joe Flanigan plays his standard wise-cracking soldier hero part. John Rhys-Davies is the cynical arrogant Senator. Dagmar Döring plays the scientist in charge of the project.

Reviewed by trashgang 4 / 10

good effort for a SyFy production

It's always funny if you see big names on a sleeve of an unknown movie. Here the name that I want to mention is John Rhys-Davies. He was in the Lord of The Rings trilogy and the Indiana Jones fame. But he's maybe for 10 minutes in this SyFy production. And you know what SyFy mean, mostly really bad flicks but I guess that they have learned their lesson. This rather looks good. I even enjoyed it. Of course it's low on the red stuff, some killings do occur but not really to mention. But the movie started off really well with an experiment going awry and transports a group of observers into a nightmarish dimension. From their on they are on the other side. Some dinosaur looking creatures are making the way of survival a hard target. There is of course a lot of CGI, especially the creature but that's normal for SyFy. Nevertheless, it almost the same, creature, running, creature appears, running away. But it's one that you could see with your kids on a rainy afternoon. Somehow you keep watching what is going to happens next.

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